econWarp templates.yml [English Translation]

Since the econWarp plugin for Minecraft is in German by default, it has been translated into English for use by English servers:

symbolCurrency: $
noPermissions: '&cYou don't have permission to do that.'
youAreTeleported: '&fYou were teleported to &e%0&f.'
warpNotExists: '&fWarp &e%0 &fdoesn't exist.'
noWarpsFound: '&fNo warps found.'
warpAlreadyExists: '&fWarp &e%0 &falready exists.'
warps: '&fWarps'
warpCreated: '&fWarp &e%0 &fwas created.'
warpRemoved: '&fWarp &e%0 &fwas removed.'
help: '&f/ewarp list | /ewarp warp <warp name>'
helpWarp: '&f/ewarp warp <warp name>'
helpSetWarp: '&f/ewarp set <warp name>'
helpInfo: '&f/ewarp info <warp name>'
helpSetWarpPrice: '&f/ewarp set <warp name> <price>'
helpRemoveWarp: '&f/ewarp remove <warp name>'
youArePaid: '&fYou paid &a%0%1 &f.'
warpInfo: '&fWarp &e%0 &fof &e%1 &fcreated and costs &e%2%3&f.'
notEnough: '&cYou don't have enough money.'
specifyPrice: '&fPlease specify price.'
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