Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer Mod [Free Download]

Updated to version Alpha.

Download the ETS2 multiplayer mod here without being required to connect your Steam account to their website. Note that you still need the Steam version to play multiplayer; the mod can be successfully installed to a cracked version but will check your Steam profile for the game when it is launched. Also, note that the ETS2 directory is the actual folder of the game; it should contain a folder named “bin” which contains another folder and the game. It should be in the C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common folder.

Did I forget to update it again? Before August 2016, people had to leave comments and then wait for me to re-upload the mod every time there was a new update. Although I’d still appreciate a comment if there is a newer version so I can update the main link, I’ve created an API that allows you to download any version of ETS2MP as soon as it comes out. You can access the API by clicking here.

Pro tip: If you want to be able to authenticate with Steam to play on Trucker’s MP servers, but don’t want to install Steam or pay $23 to buy ETS2, you can pick up a cheap CD key on G2A for less than $10 using this link. This key can be redeemed on Steam to add ETS2 to your profile without installing or adding any money to Steam.

Euro Truck Simulator 2

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer from

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  1. I’m using a cracked version, but would not mind buying the game in order to play online tho. There is only one problem: I hate steam, don’t want to use it.

  2. my game dont start 🙁 ?

  3. não sei como instalar!

    • Execute o instalador .exe e certifique-se de que o diretório ETS2 é a pasta real do jogo; ele deve conter uma pasta chamada “bin” que contém outra pasta e do jogo. Deve ser no C: \ Program Files \ Steam \ steamapps \ common .

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  5. is very good

  6. it needs a update

  7. can you update

  8. hfutgugiugiyhiuhiugiugygyigiugiuiu

  9. de hol a letöltési link??

  10. nagyon jó lessz

  11. How to Download this game???

    • Click the red link in the post that says “here” and then click on the blue link on the following page that says “Download Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer Mod”.

  12. Can you update it to the latest version please?

  13. Can you please please update to newest version?

  14. Én letöltöttem az MP verziót, csak valamiért nem engedi tovább telepiteni,azt irja, hogy: You must select valid Euro Truck Simulator 2 Path , és innentől nem engedi tovább telepiteni, mit lehet tenni ez ellen?

    • Ha ETS2 Steamen, akkor az “C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common”. Mert ha van egy repedés, válassza ki a “bin” mappában.

      • hi, need help?
        want to play ETS2 Multiplayer what can i do? i have a cracked version of the game ETS2 1.22. Is it better to buy the game?
        – Do i buy the “Deluxe Bundle” which contains all ETS2 DLC’s?

  15. Please update XD

  16. An Invalid version of mod has been detected. The latest release is from 2016-04-17.that mean need update right? question is.. update game or client?
    sorry for bad english. but thanks for sharing 😀

  17. It’s giving error. it’s says find you pc version. please help me. i’m using cracked version.

    • You should still be able to install the mod to a cracked game install, but instead of looking for the “bin” folder in C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common, you should check the directory where you installed the cracked version of the game.

  18. It says it’s an old version 🙁 need to update version pls 🙂

  19. umer mushtaq sharif May 6, 2016 @ 7:09 AM

    euro truck simulator 2 multiplayer installed correctly. but here a problem. i have a cracked version. and when i start multiplayer its giving me error. so please help me.

  20. hi is this the new version of ETS2mp new here! 🙂

  21. Please update to version i need for my ets2

  22. which version of ets2 should i use for this?


  24. Yoo, It said ‘Invalid version of mod has been detected. The latest release is from 2016-07-4 23:33:00’ I need help lol

    • That’s my fault. Usually someone has to remind me to update my version of the mod whenever there is an update. I hadn’t updated it to the latest version when you downloaded it, but it’s currently on the latest version.

  25. Can you update?

  26. I’m using a cracked Steam edition, but it isn’t connected to my Steam profile. Can I use the multiplayer?

    • Short answer: No. Unfortunately, you’ll need ETS2 linked to a Steam profile to authenticate; however, you could play with a crack and not have to install Steam to get ETS2, as long as you have ETS2 connected to a Steam account to authenticate with.

  27. Cracked ETS2 User August 10, 2016 @ 7:17 AM please, tim the technician.

    I’ll wair for ya

  28. it says me i need to locate yout american truckers simulator installation directory but i dont know where pls help me

    • If you have the game through Steam, try looking in C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common (otherwise, just slecet the directory where you installed ay other version; it should contain a folder called “bin”).

  29. When I try to get the client open it says I don’t have the current version of the mod when I downloaded it properly what do I do?

    • You did everything right, it was my fault that you downloaded an outdated version. Basically, every time the mod updates, I have to update the download link on this page after I get the file from them. If I do not pay attention to mod updates, sometimes people have to remind me (like you did) to update my link to the latest version of the mod.

  30. 404 Not found
    link broken ?!

  31. please update link for download it says unsupported version

  32. please help i need it badly please you are very good help me timtech

  33. where is the download file admin

  34. Please update to ! Thanks 😉

  35. Will It Work ON ETS 2 1.25 crack?

  36. i have a problem when i want to start multiplayer mode is says this “the version of this file is not compatible with the version of windows you’re running. check your comp sys info to see you need an x32 or x64 version of program” i have win 7 x32 and that version of game

    • If you’re sure your program matches system architecture, try these steps:

      1) Right click on the ETS2 .exe and go to Properties > Compatibility
      2) Select “Run this program in compatibility mode” and select an operating system such as Windows XP (try some different ones).

  37. Hello,
    the API-Download of any version doesn’t work.
    Regards, felixggru

  38. the api link down 404 Not found

  39. how can i download it i cant find downaload button

  40. it shows”cannot find game executable file!#001″

  41. It’s sayig to me 404 not found..

  42. The links say”error 404 not found”. Please solve.

  43. mohamed lazreg July 15, 2017 @ 6:54 AM

    It’s sayig to me 404 not found..

  44. error 404 not found on the download

  45. please put a link to download version

  46. TIMTECH help me please:)On truckermp i can’t download it
    They say that my account don’t have ats/ets 2 but i have them and i have more than 2 hours played.Help please!

    • Oh i forgot i have my steam account set to public also

      • Since you are trying it legit you should use the TruckersMP forums to get support. It’s more likely that they would be able to help you rather than me because we are mainly focused on non-Steam ETS2/ATS players here.

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