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See the main page for a tutorial and server status as well as getting help.

The LEGO® Group has not endorsed or authorized the operation of this game and is not liable for any safety issues in relation to the operation of this game. All files are under the General Pubic License, version 3, and are only for use on a non-commercial basis.


“Nexus 2” (game version Compressed

“Nexus 2” (game version Uncompressed

We recommend that you torrent the client due to its large size (5.3 GB compressed, 12.5 GB uncompressed). It prevents interruptions due to server maintenance, avoids corruption due to browser problems, and puts less stress on our servers. We recommend qBittorrent to torrent the client. Just install it with the default settings and use either the .torrent file or magnet link above to download and seed the client.


The LUNI Server must be downloaded from


MP4 Format

AVI Format




LU PK Extractor


  • EasyWorldChanger [for LUNIServer 0.5.1, by Jonny] (Release, Source)


Readers Comments (114)

  1. Hey, I have been having problems with this. Do you have skype or does someone so I can share screens and install this properly

    • You are experiencing a known problem. The new progress on the server does not account for the missing .pk files in the client.

      I am attempting to upload a new client but it keeps resetting. It will hopefully be done within 24 hours.

  2. When Mac os client release?

  3. MSVCP110D.dll not found

  4. Mine won’t let me load to nimbus station!

    • i did not have membership so i could not do that im not lieing so yea and that is true so bye i’m downloading the game so yea it was 9-9-14 and time was 7:42

      • You do not need a membership to play. You did not need one from before the game closed either. Whether you did or not has no effect on game play from these servers.

  5. no mac download 🙁

  6. i have been following the 3rd video and when i try to open it it says:
    the program can’t start because libmysql.dll is missing from your computer. try reinstalling the program to fix this problem

    but the file is right there in the folder
    please help!

  7. i have a i think its a problem but when ever i create a new char it wont let me play and the world is always at 35%

  8. I have the same question, how do I start the nimbus station server?

  9. I need assistance on how to change the authserverip on the boot.cfg file

    • Right click it and click “Open with…”. Then, choose Notepad. Once you open up the file with Notepad, look for and replace the IP address with It should now look like

  10. i hae installed the game but no severs as i dont know how and when i open lu app it says error unable to download lego universe in a red box at the bottom of the game it says 0% loading sever list i have changed boot file. helllppppppppppppppp

  11. i have made my own character on sever v3 but i have no clue how or what to do with the nimbus station sever can someone help me asap as i would really like to play this!

  12. I have a question can you make a tutorial on how to make a server plz

  13. Bourous Mourous March 16, 2014 @ 4:26 PM

    I’m having trouble changing the boot.cfg file, I have changed it to notepad, but no changes are saved.

  14. Can You Create Torrent (for windows version) ?

  15. how do i get people in my lan server

  16. I have a question when I turn on the lego universe thing it loads then turns off what do I do?

  17. do i have to extract it

  18. can i have the download link to Server v4 plz i dont really get the v5 but if you can tim you should make a video about server v5 i dont really get it.

  19. I just found this and don´t get it. How do I start the game?

  20. Tim can i have a download link to the server you made the one you use, because i have windows vista and i cant get 2013 visual studio i just really wanna make a server please respond back

    • Can you get Visual Studio 2012? All you need are the .DLL’s for 0.5 from Visual Studio.

      • can you provide a link to Visual Studio 2012 please and also server 0.5 when i tried to download it wont work it says that it has been deleted can you put it back.

  21. I cant sign up.

  22. Wow! For mac??? Ok! Thank you!!!)))

  23. Windows can’t open or extract the client .zip file, it claims it is ‘invalid’. Is this a common problem? Is there a fix? Did I just get a bad download?

  24. You know how to modify patcher to make a update/download Server?

  25. Help?

    “We are unable to download LEGO Universe. Please check your internet connection or go to for troubleshooting.”

  26. Moi le seul probleme je ne peux pas creer de personage quand jen cree un sa bloque a la validation de pseudo et aussi quand je vais a model dans l’inventaire et puis ya pas de monstre on ne peux pas changer d’ekipment

  27. quand a model sa crash et sa me remet a l’ecran de conexion

  28. When i load up v5, it works good but when i try place a rocket to get to nimbus station it crashes back to the login screen. Help?

    • You’re missing some .pk files; set

      Rockets and traveling don’t work, however, so you’re not missing anything.

  29. Cant you create a ne character

  30. Hi, do you have any plans for making this playable with your own character?
    If so when? Thanks.

  31. Timtech, i did what you said but i still spawn in nimbus isle and cant get off!

  32. And you can add character creation?

  33. does it cost

  34. when i click on the lu_full_v1-10-64 .zip file it says cannot open commpressed .zip file and it claims that its a bad download and can not be extracted aswell

  35. Timtech do you need a personal server to play

  36. nunya business May 26, 2014 @ 3:02 PM

    Do the characters have usable faction gear or just regular weapons? If they do, character has which faction gear?

  37. Im Use it To Play with My brother. How to use this Server Without Bug’s

  38. So what do you do with the Luni server folder?
    A help file would be very… helpful.

  39. okay im trying to play lego universe. i installed the character creation, nimbus station, and lego universe (because i hav it on another pc) i tried character creator and i did some stuff to the ip host and then i tried it, just loads til 35, then very slowly it goes to 43. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. I downloaded LUNI 0.4 and LUNI 0.5 but I have 2 times the same problem…
    Everytime I have the error: ”The program can’t start because MSVCP120D.dll is missing from your computer.”

    I tried to install ‘Visual studio 2013 express for desktop’ but it doesn’t work because my computer runs on Windows 7 Ultimate.

    So can’t I run a server then only because I can’t install ‘Vs 2013′?? :’(


  41. lego universe is oline? Will i be able to play with other players>

  42. Does the current mac version work? And if not is it ever going to work? I really want to try this out.

  43. Do yo have to have a server run it?

  44. Do you need a server to run the Lego Universe Full v1-10-64?

    • How do you work the Luni Server for the Nimbus Station? I’ve already seen the v3 and it works properly, but how do I use the reccomended server?


  46. When will the next update come out?

  47. esse jogo fuciona pq eles tinha fechado em 2011 ou 2012

  48. Soon there will be new server for LEGO Universe?
    I am very glad I found your website, because this game was one of my most beloved!
    I hope you and your efforts!
    thank you for what you have done!

  49. Just to clarify there is no working mac client at this time. Not even a partial one.

  50. Robowarrior(locked) July 25, 2014 @ 11:02 PM

    Your main page is down, IDK why

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