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The LEGO® Group has not endorsed or authorized the operation of this game and is not liable for any safety issues in relation to the operation of this game. All files are under the General Pubic License, version 3, and are only for use on a non-commercial basis.


“Nexus 2” (game version Compressed

“Nexus 2” (game version Uncompressed

We recommend that you torrent the client due to its large size (5.3 GB compressed, 12.5 GB uncompressed). It prevents interruptions due to server maintenance, avoids corruption due to browser problems, and puts less stress on our servers. We recommend qBittorrent to torrent the client. Just install it with the default settings and use either the .torrent file or magnet link above to download and seed the client.


The LUNI Server must be downloaded from


MP4 Format

AVI Format




LU PK Extractor


  • EasyWorldChanger [for LUNIServer 0.5.1, by Jonny] (Release, Source)


Readers Comments (145)

  1. LUNI server says that it cant start cause MSVCP120.dll is missing from my computer, what should i do?

  2. I always have trouble starting these newer versions and i need help so i just downloaded 0.6.2 and i dont know how to run it so could get details on how to start it and does it let you play because the last version i used was 1.5.1

  3. Someone, How do we run 0.6.2??

  4. Sorry the cant give theyre Servers 🙁 i tryed

  5. Server says: Terminated Unable to connect to database

  6. Got 0.6.2 and so far it’s just stuck on loading, simple solution?

  7. Hey, will there be an update that adds enemies and stuff back to the game?

  8. For after 0.6.2 will you make it so the MySQL comes with it, because it’s kind of confusing to download.

    • Maybe. When we get a “compiled” release I can see about bundling XAMPP with it again, maybe with some help from bluebrain who did it originally.

  9. I have 3 questions: 1. When you add everything from lego universe? 2. When is next update? 3. How I can open this server V 0.6.2? Is there any guide to it?

  10. Was tinkering around in 0.5.1 and found out that it seems racing isn’t broken so that’s a good little thing 😀

  11. Shaela Congelliere August 5, 2015 @ 2:15 AM

    Will there be a download for Mac??

  12. So really fast I am using a windows 8 so to run the game I get LUNI Server and correct?

  13. I am trying to run the 0.6.2 server, however, when I open the server in command prompt I get the error “Terminated Unable to Connect to Database!.”
    I have Xampp open and phpmyadmin is setup correctly, I believe.

    Here are some pictures:

    Please respond as soon as possible!

  14. When next update? Is there any progress in it? And what you add to it?

  15. I’ve downloaded and imported to phpmyadmin and got the luni my the 0.6.2 server still says “Terminated Unable to connect to database”

    • What is the contents of your server’s config.ini?

      • These are the contents:


        • Try separating the second line to look like this:


          instead of


      • so is there ninjago

        • i think it is a great thing that u are trying to get this wonderful game back and im not trying to lower ur achievement i just really hoped that u could fly in rockets fight enemies and go to ninjago world which really disappoints me but thank u very much and hopefully someday soon those 3 factors will be included=) good luck

  16. It won’t connect to a server ._.

  17. I have several questions:
    1. What does the version 0.6.2 add?
    2.What is the difference between Source, Release, Compiled, Server, and Bundle versions?
    3. What can I do to help with the project?

  18. How do I install EasyWorldChanger?

  19. Can someone make a video tutorial for 0.6.2?

  20. Timtech, can you tell me why working on it takes so long and why it’s so slow? Is there anyone other developing this? Are you still developing this?!

  21. hey Tim,do u now when the latest update will be

  22. Mitternacht konnten sich alle LEGO-Fans seelisch darauf einstellen, dass LEGO Universe eingestellt werden wurde.

  23. Could someone possibly make a tutorial for the launcher so I get all correct?

  24. Timtech, I have question: Are you working with someone?

  25. when should this project be finished around because im ultra pumped for the remake when it does com out!

  26. Hi i was wondering how i can use 0.6.2 i can use the other one but not this one what should i do? (it tells me im missing somthing)

  27. this is the new lego universe?

  28. When I try to run my luni server it says that libmysql.dll is missing from my computer…
    Please help
    thank you.

  29. When i open it it says it doesnt work

  30. im not entirely sure how to do this should I just open the luni or do I have to install all the things linked on this page

    • Basically, you need a server and a client to play. Download the client “Nexus 2” and server “0.5.1” and extract their files. After that, all you need to do is run the server’s “LUNI Server.exe” and then the client’s “client\legouniverse.exe”.

  31. I need to download the easy world changer,
    I am using 5.1.

    Should I download source or release?
    please help, thank you!

  32. Why does it just say i cant find a available server?

  33. Timtech i really need your help for some reason i cant find the client download file or link. Please email me the link to the client download because i cant figure it out.

    • We recommend that you torrent the client because it is so big, but up at the top of the page in the “Nexus 2” client section you can click “Direct Download” instead of one of the torrent options.

  34. Has server 0.6.2 been fixed yet?

  35. When I try to open a world (character) it just goes to a white screen and then crashes. The only one that works is Nimbus Isle (are some other property world).

    I am using 5.1 server.

    From what I have read way back in the comments, is that is a sound file issue. I’m I right? If so, where can I download it? All the links I have found lead to a page 404 “page not found” error.

    Help would be greatly appreciated.


    • Your client is outdated. You should use the “Nexus 2” client, which you can get from the downloads page.

      • I am using the nexus 2 client though. I downloaded it like 2 days ago.

        • Check the boot.cfg in your client folder, and make sure PATCHSERVERIP=0:,

          • Its is set to 0. While I was there though, I set MANIFESTFILE=1 because when the game white screened, it complained about a manifest file. That seemed to do the trick, at least for the default world’s (Nimbus Station, Gnarled Forest, Crux Prime, and Nimbus Isle). All the other worlds kick me to the login screen, and give me this error:
            “Your game assets don’t match the server. Please log out and try again.”

            I have tried all the servers (5.0 and up) and they all give me that error (save 6.2 as I cant get the server running)

            Any ideas?

          • __UPDATE__

            I just now tested it again and ONLY 5.1 works with Nimbus Station, Gnarled Forest, Crux Prime, and Nimbus Isle.

            6.1 and the rest of servers DO NOT work with the previously said worlds, and will only load Nimbus Isle.

            Any idea on why this is?

          • Thankfully I can answer both of your questions. The thing is, when you change the world’s ID, you also have to change the checksum. I think you forgot about that when trying to go to the other worlds (I made the same mistake at first).

            I remember using 0.6.1 on other worlds, but don’t worry because 0.6.3 is right around the corner thanks to mater and Jonny.

          • Thanks. I figured out I was entering the checksum on the wrong line.

            Now any world works on 5.1. I am still having trouble with 6.1, but I’ll have to try a little harder tomorrow.

            Would you happen to know what all the other values do in the HEX file? I have labled a few here (, but I am unsure abut the rest.

            Looking forward to 6.3. 🙂

  36. Is it possible to play on our own LU account or no?

  37. how long until macro codes: are supported and is there a way to be a mythran?

  38. Alright, new question. How do I open an SDF file.

  39. When I run luni server and try to register it stops working what should I do

    • If you’re using 0.5.1 or below, the “register” command crashes the server. In these versions, you can log in with any username or password.

  40. It wont import my database.sql

  41. I can’t play lego universe because the luniserver hasn’t find MSVCDP120.dll
    What can I do?

  42. Always when I finish to create a Person and choose the name, they ask me if i want to change the name. I say no and then I click on play and then it breaks down.I click on play and nothing happens. Can you help me please.

  43. (message removed, answer is on the post directly below)

  44. I am trying to log on and it is saying “Can’t log you into Lego Universe. Please trying again in a few minutes” What is going on?

    • From

      Q: When I put in a username and password on the login screen for Lego universe it says “Sorry, we could not log you in to Lego Universe right now, try again in a few minutes.”
      A: The client displays this message when it cannot reach the server (in which case it displays “Connecting to Authentication” for a few seconds before this message is shown). When you see this error, make sure that the server is running (console window is open), the server has successfully launched (no MYSQL error), the server threads are working (Messages like “World started! Listening on: 2003”), and the client connects to your server (you should see “Server IP:”, “Server IP: localhost”, or the external server IP you wish to connect to at the bottom of the login screen).

  45. I have the Original Lego Universe disk, is it possible to do something with that maybe it could help you guys or maybe i could play the game when i install it and then run server ? is there a way and can i help?

    • Actually that’s how this page started – me uploading my LEGO Universe CD for anyone to download. We’ve made some progress since then… 😛 I appreciate your offer, but I don’t think we need the files 🙂 and just so you know, it’s not the complete client and it doesn’t have a server. You can still help out in the project, though, if you’re interested.

  46. Timtech; your 0.6.2 server isn’t working, you made a tutorial which you linked before, but it is for using C++ Redistributable but you said you can use visual studio express 2013 which the tutorial does not cover, so please, either add me on skype: tximlers, then show me what to do, or make a video on it, or, make another tutorial for visual express 2013! Thanks

  47. Hey Timtech; it says I dont have libmysql.dll ;/
    do you know how to fix that?

    • ok; you said in a comment above to download it “here” then you put a download link, I downloaded it, but it says “libmysql.dll is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error. Try installing the program again using the original installation media or contact your system administrator or the software vendor for support”, I downloaded the 0.6.3 server 5 minutes ago and I just downloaded the file, I use windows 7 so please help! Thanks

  48. Timtech; another thing…that post I said about missing “libmysql.dll” that was for the release, I downloaded the source, and i tried to run it; it said “MSVCP120.dll is missing from your computer” I looked up other people’s comments on that, you said you need visual studio express 2013, but I thought 0.6.3 made it so you don’t need that? My skype is tximlers so add me please!

  49. Timtech; when I start up 0.6.3 it says “libmysql.dll is missing from your computer” I went to the link you sent that gives a download of the file, I put it in my system32, it still says it’s missing, then, I put it in the server directory and it said “libmysql.dll is either not designed to run on windows or it contains an error. try installing the program again using the original installation media or contact your system administrator or the software vendor for support.” what now? My skype is tximlers so please add me!!

  50. I need help with joining Jhonny’s public sever, I get this error when I try to connect:

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