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  1. lol i knew this was coming!

  2. the programm means if i need to login :”cant open init_aw.bin”

  3. At last you got a FAQ!

  4. How can I know when the server is/isn’t up?

  5. what worlds are currently accessible?

  6. My game still crashes when it gets to the login screen, and I just downloaded the latest version for mac and followed all instructions. Would having OS Mavericks be a problem running LEGO Universe?

  7. yo timtech

    i’d like to know some thing, i was looking at the LUNI message boards and it seems like they have a server version that has Ninjago Monastery

    it’s not listed here as a world that can be used this server the luni server or is this another version?

    please reply with a answer

  8. also it seems that when people download your version when i extract the file i get this error “not enough disk space” when i have way over the required 3gb, tho the file still extracts but it seems like when i run the client it crashes on the login screen just showing a white background and no process running

    this is a error i’ve ran into while trying to get the client working

    my os is windows vista

  9. I know you’ve only just started, but do you plan to launch this version of LU to be just like the original one? And when is an estimated time of the final release?

    • On the original thread, he said that this may never be what LU once was, considering the issues they have experienced. There could be a slight chance, but that chance would probably be one to six billion.

      • startreklover May 6, 2014 @ 7:11 PM

        lol. it has nothing to do with chance, it has to do with the months or years of headache to try and get lu to be what it once was. it can be done, it is just a pain in the butt

  10. How do we use the mac version?

  11. Wean I press the application icon it dose not go to the login but just sends me back to the file folder.

  12. for no real reason. I have followed the instructions to the letter and have tried for three days but it dose not work! If this is a hoax and im wasting my time just tell me so that I can end this torment. If not then I would want to know how to get it working properly.

  13. When I try to open the real Lego Universe it says it can download it and when i open the patched one it closes right away, it goes to the loading screen and closes after 5 seconds.

    • nvm fixed it what I did was I just put all the files in a folder that didn’t have and real lego universe stuff in it, cause I had the game before.

      • Nice job figuring it out by yourself! The LEGO Company released a patch that broke the game, so users could no longer open it. Merging the old and new client can result in the patch being active.

  14. CalmLeafyReindeer April 22, 2014 @ 11:44 AM

    Hey, when I tried to use the launcher I ended up with the error “Can’t load image from file ‘res/options_down.png’: file does not exist.”. I just downloaded the game from your site, since I couldn’t find any installers in the bundle I assumed the game was already set up. What have I done wrong?

    • startreklover May 6, 2014 @ 7:21 PM

      do not use the launcher. go into “Computer”, then “C:”, then “Program files (x86)”, then “LEGO Software”, then “LEGO universe”, then “client”, then “legouniverse”

  15. So when will you be able to play with your own characters? This game meant so much to me and I was sad to see it go, I hope this project continues and all I’m going to say is ,good on you man, So many people will be appreciative of the work you do and you should keep it up, hopefully it can be re-instated to its own self, and hopefully this will continue… Good on you man ๐Ÿ™‚

    • startreklover May 6, 2014 @ 7:17 PM

      it will not have your old characters from the game pre-shutdown, that data is i the hands of LEGO, assuming they didn’t throw it out. you can make your new character look like your old one once the patch is eventually released. the funny thing is, we don’t need to download any updates for stuff like that because we already have it! unless they start making new content (extremely unlikely) we wont need to download a thing after installing the launcher and game files.

  16. This may be a stupid question, but when I try to run any of the files, it says the specified file cannot be found. Is there a way to fix this? Or am I screwed?

  17. Do you have any video of that? I’d want to find out more details.

  18. Hey there TimTech!

    Here’s my dilemma i have triple checked every single bit of code editing and visual studio debugging required to connect i have launched the server once before every attempted login…when i open the application, at the bottom its says it will connect to the LuniServer with the IP of but when I login and it attempts to connect to the Authentication, it tells me it cant connect at this time…i have only tried this while the website has said the server was up…any idea wats going on? All my config files are edited exactly how they need to be. I would appreciate help…Thanks!

    • If you have your own server, you should instead put the IP in the config as localhost.

      • Eh its ok Tim I tried but i don’t think i can host my own server i only have hamachi and when i change the coding it wont connect even when your server is up but thanks anyway! ill just wait for lego minifigs online to come out i guess…

  19. hey im trying to log in to your LU thing but when ever i log in with my id it says try again later help me please what is going on

  20. hy tim tech. there is on youtube a german guy, he want to reopen lego universe. his name is Niklas Kรถrbitz. i he got 100 abos. he’ll bring out a new video, where he show, what they have completet and what not. but at the moment he have got 80 abos. did you know him? when not, pls try to assist him with an abo or something else. it would be then the full game , where you can create your own char. ๐Ÿ™‚ or do you work with him together?. (in his videos is a english part too)

    • I’ve sent him an e-mail. I’ve given him my files, asked about what he’s done, and inquired about working together.

      • Thanks fpr the answer. But i have now an over question. is offline, when dose its go online? or is it for a long time offline?

  21. hi timtech,

    just found this and hoping to play soon! really great that you are doing this for all us lego lovers lol just a quick question, is there usually a time when the server is on? Like a certain time of day or so? Or do you have any notification to let us know when server is online? thanks!!

    • Yes, on the main page there is a server status.

      • Thanks timtech. Also, can you keep it running up online if we help support you by donations? My son loves this game and I would do a monthly donation to keep it up let me know if you have one or maybe we can start one!

        • I guess donations could support a server. However, the server is incomplete, and the fact that you can make a private server made me decide not to raise funds for a dedicated server. However, I could start something of the kind if you would really like a 24/7 server.

          • Yeah for sure. And im pretty sure there would be tons of donations too! I would love to start it or help you start. let me know. can’t wait for it. we can always try an attempt to see how it will go, like a 25/7 beta testing or something.

  22. I Need Registeration link Please give me this link!!

  23. man can i play it right NOW?

  24. What do I do if my game is out of date? Are there any update links?

  25. Which part of the config is the redirect ip? I know I sound like a n00b, but whenever I’m logging on, it stays on submitting username forever, and I have no idea how to fix it. Please help!

  26. I can’t figure out how to verify a profile

  27. when i connect everything is right but when i type in a username/pass luni says i logged in but then it flashes on loading world and goes back to the starting screen

  28. okay, i have 2 ask something!
    why do we have to play one of the default characters for each world?
    yes i know you ARE still working on the game and i love you for doing so, but will you ever fix this? i mean like in the original Lu where you can create your own character and name and go randomly to each world you want? you will make the game exactly how it was? Thank you for your support and effort

    have a nice day ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. i will ask again and PLEASE do not ignore my question because im freaking out.

    will you ever make the game to be exactly the way it was? PLEASE answer and sorry for bothering

    thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. whats the difference between your LU project and the original LU? im sorry for spamming but im so curious and shocked.

    • This LU is incomplete, since I have not been able to add all the features that used to exist.

      • im sorry x99

        but what is your plan? what will come back. (no pushing) thanks you so much for spending your time on my questions.

        • Well, you will be able to travel all of the worlds, though many NPCs will not be available, and you cannot interact with other players. Most of this has already implemented, and you can already access other worlds by directly editing the packets.

  31. will you also bring back the ‘Keelhaul Canyon’?

    there is a way to find out the rest of the code; by guessing one by one untill it works, which is REALLY hard but possible.

    thank you SO much ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. Hey Timtech, any way you can make a tutorial on your checksums? I don’t quite get it and I think it would help alot! Please explain why if you dont, the tutorial you posted doesnt make sense for me so thats why I suggest a video tutorial.

  33. Hey Timtech, you said there will be a update for the server where it doesn’t need VS, how long until that update?

  34. Hi TimTech I need help
    The problem is I dont have a username and password what can I do please help
    Is there a download I should get
    Please help Thanks

  35. do you have any plans to make the server more like the original lu.

  36. Mothy Bulbright August 14, 2014 @ 2:45 PM

    I have a problem that i can get into the login screen, but when i go to log in it gets stuck on the registering character window. i checked the configs and they seemed right, what did i do wrong

  37. Mothy Bulbright August 15, 2014 @ 2:36 AM

    i get stuck at the submitting username panel, any suggestions?

  38. TimTech, u said u’d make a vid, why didn’t you? Or if you are PLEASE make it soon!

  39. I’m having problems getting into everything but Nimbus Isle. It lets me into Nimbus Isle but whenever I try to use the characters that take me to Crux Prime and the other worlds it tells me Client disconnected: connection failed downloading manifest assets. What do I need to do to fix this.

  40. I can’t run the LUNI server.exe, it says it is not a valid Win32 application. Please help!?

    • Have you installed Visual Studio 2013 or higher? What version of Windows are you running (Windows XP, 7, 8, etc.)

      • Hi, thanks for the quick reply, I am running Windows XP and a I can’t find Visual Studio 2013. If you could give me a link to the program that would be much appreciated. By the way from what i’ve seen You have done AN AWESOME JOB! Keep up the good work!

        • Sorry you’ll need windows vista or 7 or something like that to get visual studio 2013, I know because I too run windows XP ๐Ÿ™

          • Yeah, since XP is at the “end of support”, Microsoft won’t let their newer software run on it any more. I’m really sorry ๐Ÿ˜

  41. my Server wouldn`t start ,because the data MSVCP120D.dll is missing . Help

  42. Hey Timtech, how long until your new client comes out with no need for VS plus you added rockets? Oh, and I heard some rumors about that you supposedly added a virus into the client because you said you were fixing a virus but there wasn’t one, what is your imput on that…

  43. How do I get a new password if I don’t have mine

  44. Wie bekomme ich die LU exe. zum staren ? Bei client sollte das die letzte datei in einem youtube viedeo sein aber ich habe sie nicht. Was nun ?

  45. Hey Timtech, how long do you estimate until you will be done with the next update with rockets and no VS?

  46. What is the command to create a character?

  47. I mean what is the command in the LUNI server to allow someone to create a new character?

  48. Is this project still going, even after 3 years?
    If so

  49. I have a question for you TimTech. So are you still in development of this project. Can you tell me how this will be like in the future?

    • It will probably be almost the same, due to the available packets already being implemented in the current build.

      • Dear TimeTech,

        If you need help adding rockets, character custimation, etc of how to implement to the game, ask LEGO maybe (by the official email) they could tell you and then help. OR maybe pair up with the LEGO Group and they could help?

        Yours Sincerely,


      • Dear TimTech,

        The reason why LEGO Universe will be the same in the future because let me explain:

        In Development Progress, LUHub. You see the stuff teh Devs done and stuff they need to do E.G. Add Functuallity, E.G. Rockets, Missions, etc. By next year, all those 3 steps be completed. (Hopefully by Summer, so we can play the completed LU, but in singleplayer) until Multiplayer comes out, possibly late 2015 or early 2016. Depends.

        Afterwards. 2016. Updates? New worlds? Enemies and items and pets and stuff? Possibly. But teh DEVs need a break and the project will be finished.

        Yours Sincerely,


  50. Dear TimTech,
    Thank you so much for recreating my childhood memories for me. After some trial and error, I finally got the TimTech version of LU to work for me, and even without the enemies and missions, the nostalgia kicked in. So, again, thank you for that.

    After getting comfortable with the server, I decided to play around with the servers and files to see if I could go into certain worlds. I tried editing CheekyMonkey’s char_aw2.bin file to match that of Avant Gardens, and after installing HEX Editor and Notepad++ and altering it, I tried it. It worked fine up until it finished loading, to which it replied with “Your game assets don’t match the server. Please logout and try again.” Please help, because I don’t want to break the game!

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