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  1. Im not clear on the whole changing the worlds to other than the default character worlds. Do I edit the HEX and then save it then go into the game and a certain character is on the world I wanted? or how do I activate my changes?

    • You save the file and restart the server. It won’t change what character you play with, but instead the world you play in will be different when you select the character whose packet you edited.

      • mrcoolmanwithfries May 28, 2015 @ 9:22 PM

        when i load the server and the game its fine until i get to the player authentication part of starting the game at that point the server crashes and i get a lego universe error telling me that it could not reach the server please help

      • come updates to lego unvierse ?

  2. I’m confused with how to change worlds.

  3. I could only install microsoft studio express 2013 for Web. Maybe because of that, I only open the LUNI server in the Debug folder and the game works fine but is it correct to do so? The other problem I have when I try to play on a diferent world by changing the char_aw2.bin file. I change it correctly, but when I enter the game, how do I enter that world? For example: I change it to Avant Gardens but when I enter the game I have the 4 characters to choose but they will lead me to their worlds and not Avant gardens. How do I go to Avant gardens? An answer to this questions would be much apreciated. And thanks a lot for the hard work of all the team developing the game.

    • Okay, it sounds fine to use VS2013 for Web. Also, when you edit the char_aw2.bin it has to be in the world folder, and make sure you know which character’s file you have edited. Then, choose that character when you play.

  4. if I don’t have the lego universe file, my password or username can I make an account

    • In 0.5.1 you can just use any account name/password combination, so no need to make an account.

  5. I cannot use any other characters besides “CheekyMonkey” and more importantly I’m not able to switch out items on my character and I crash when trying to do anything other then walking around, punching, and sorting items in my backpack.

    • That’s where we are right now. At least you can fly (jetpack) and explore all worlds. Many players couldn’t do either of those with their original accounts.

      • I see. Just out of curiosity, would it be possible to extract most of the code and just make the game single player? If that were possible, maybe someone could submit that unfinished source code to steam green light and possibly get a whole community to support, and more importantly, mod the open code back to (mostly) its original state and maybe even better…
        …Maybe a bit ambitious, but it’s just out of curiosity. Also I’ve been dead sick and I can’t think straight. *sigh* I have to write an essay…

      • “Many players couldn’t do either of those with their original accounts.”-TimTech

        F2P players? because they can’t access to all worlds and jetpack (Members Only). Also, LEGO Universe Membership (2011-2012) was LEGO Universe’s Downfall 🙁

      • Strange I was a f2p player but I could use the jetpack I abused it to get good gear before the game closed

  6. Hey,
    Do you have any plans in the future to add the NPCs and enemies? What about multiplayer servers where people can chat? What about the minigames (BoNS, Racing, etc.)?

    • This is our next goal.

      • I knew it 😉

        because you emailed William about those features in the game (0.6). (and william told me 😉 )

        But, Character Saving (Progress) you atill trying to do it (because william told me that when you build on property, complete missions, level 10 (example), etc. Also, smashes (how many, in passport) won’t be saved).

        • Also, I know William wasn’t lieing! because you emailed him the features in 0.6:

          1. login with your account (TimTechSoftware Account)

          2. Create/Save your Characters

          3. Start your Characters in the Venture Explorer (at the back of the ship: Spawn Point)

          3. NPCs Interaction (Completing Missions)

          4. Enemy Interaction (

        • Also, I know William wasn’t lieing! because you emailed him the features in 0.6:

          1. login with your account (TimTechSoftware Account)

          2. Create/Save your Characters

          3. Start your Characters in the Venture Explorer (at the back of the ship: Spawn Point)

          3. NPCs Interaction (Completing Missions)

          4. Enemy Interaction (Collecting stuff what the enemy drops)

          5. etc etc. (William told me the features 😉 )

          Also, I assume you are working on the saving progress because when you close the client and server (you will start again, losing your level: E.G. Level 10, missions completed, etc etc. ).

  7. Can you create a public server?

  8. Can you add moenys or repair character creator?

    • In a while, yes, but these LU projects will take years, and this is definitely not even the most active one, so I wouldn’t hold your breath. (Unless you can hold it for a VERY long time)

  9. do you have the rights to the world names and the world music/soundtrack and the battle and log in music.

  10. what i meant originally can you use characters,world names,music and the factions alone with there names?

  11. so that means that we will never get character customization when the lets say ( lego universe 2.0) is fully released?

    • “Well, you can’t create and use the character through the in-game character customizer, but you can probably edit the character’s char_aw2.bin to give them different clothes and stuff.” We will most likely improve on this functionality to get custom characters playable in the future.

  12. does this mean when ( #Lego universe 2.0) comes out we can not make custom characters or you working on fixing it

  13. When I launch legouniverse.exe, and I log in, it tells me my request could not bw completed, and therefore does not work. Help?

  14. i am having a bit of trouble downloading and installing the game so i am going to wait till it is fully released so my questions are.
    1. do you have a release date planned.
    2. is it going to be made easier to download e.g. download and install it and play NOT all the coding and debugging ect?
    3. is there going to be membership that needs to be payed for ( not saying i will not play if there is i will pay if there is just curious? )

    • Sorry about your trouble, here are the answers to your questions:

      1. No, definitely not. We will probably never fully restore LU to its former glory.
      2. The server is going to be easier to download, and future versions will be released with both a source version (Visual Studio required) and a release version (no Visual Studio required, but no source code). But really, it is already pretty easy in my opinion. All you have to do is download the server (0.5 Release) and client (Nexus 2), extract them both, run LUNI Server.exe and client\legouniverse(_mac).exe.
      3. I cannot run these servers for profit, and the goal of this project is to be 100% free and open source. Downloads will always be free, and hopefully any public servers can be run on donations. If you don’t want to pay, then you won’t have to pay.

  15. 1. when you say it will not be returned to its former glory what is going to be missed out?
    2.Also what is a source version and a release version?
    3. do you think you will get multiple online servers?
    4. my problem with downloading it is because it says i do not have a vaild win 32 help?

    • 1. We’re not purposely leaving features out, but some may be hard to recreate (like missions).
      2. A source version contains the server’s source code, while the release version is already compiled and can be run without a compiler (in this case, Visual Studio).
      3. If there is a need, yes.
      4. Try re-downloading; it sounds like the download was interrupted and finished early.

  16. I have discoved it is not had to run it is that it will not so i will try it on a diffrent computor

  17. I have a problem.
    When I launch client, every word phrase is set to be like: instead of “Password” it displays “%[UI_REMEMBER_PASS]”, or instead of “Username” is “%[UI_NO_LEGO_ID]”. What could be the problem?
    BTW.: I’m using the new NEXUS 2 Client and Server 0.5
    Halp ( ;.;)

  18. TerrificHyperPurple February 18, 2015 @ 11:54 AM

    Hi, I really liked Lego Universe, and I know that you said we would be able to edit our characters settings by changing the hex in the “char_aw2.bin” file. Can you make a tutorial on this? I have seen other people do such things like someone called Nealybealy.

    • From humanoid24:

      [L:8] - Character ID (=ChildID from replica packets = objID in xml data from chardata)
      [L:4] - ???
      [L:66] - Name of character (wstring)
      [L:66] - Name that shows up in parentheses in the client (probably for not yet approved custom names?) (wstring)
      [L:1] - boolean whether custom name was rejected (0x01 if rejected)
      [L:1] - boolean whether the character is FreeToPlay (0x01 if FreeToPlay), if this set but the account FreeToPlay flag in the login response packet isn’t, it asks whether you’d like to change your FreeToPlay name to a custom name
      [L:10] - ???
      [L:4] - Shirt color
      [L:4] - ???
      [L:4] - Pants color
      [L:4] - Hair style
      [L:4] - Hair color
      [L:4] - “lh”, see “” row in the xml data from chardata packet (no idea what it is)
      [L:4] - “rh”, see “” row in the xml data from chardata packet (no idea what it is)
      [L:4] - Eyebrows
      [L:4] - Eyes
      [L:4] - Mouth
      [L:4] - ???
      [L:2] - last zone ID
      [L:2] - (very likely) map instance
      [L:4] - map clone (name from [53-05-00-02] structure)
      [L:8] - last login or logout timestamp of character in seconds? (xml is “llog” so both could be possible)
      [L:2] - number of items to follow
      [L:V] - equipped item LOTs (order of items doesn’t matter? I think it reads them in order so if we accidentally put 2 shirts the second one will be the one shown.)
    • How can make charakter s ??? Plesse fix this in a New Version of neuxus .. Olease!!! Lego universe is the Nest game!please and no quests. .. No Shops.. Please fix it.. No and Plesse make a public Server ..

      • Hi Bernd,

        “Nexus” is the nickname for the client. The server is what is incomplete. It sounds like you were sent here from a fake YouTube video, of which there are a number. I am sorry to disappoint you, but what you mentioned has not been implemented yet. Also, a public server should be released within this week.

        • So if I now really berstanden Are you still working at NPC , Qustom people etc .. And a public server in the work ? I hope so, it would be co verry cool Fals I have now misunderstood please tell me the right sorry for my bad english I am from Germany ..

  19. How do i login With ancient Id of LU Or ID ? because i can’t login

  20. ExtraShockingLegend February 20, 2015 @ 1:14 PM

    So, I had the same question as TerrificHyperPurple.

    What did Humanoid mean when he said [L:_]?

    Could you possibly make a video of this?

  21. Hi there, first of all I would like to ask a few things.


    How do you spawn things in game, because there are people in Nimbus station (so I know you can do it)


    What is the difference between LUR (Lego Universe Rebuilt), Luhub (With the nyjan) and LUNI? LUNI is where is all began, but what is the difference between these other servers?

    • A) You need to send NPC-spawning packets to the client.

      B) LUNI (LEGO Universe, newly imagined) is the only server right now. LUHub is a website that shows off the project. LEGO Universe Rebuild is a separate re-make of LEGO Universe in Unreal Engine 4.

      • All they did were load packets to the server. Some guy just captured a ton of them in Wireshark before the game closed. A lot of people say that you need a replica manager to do this, but that’s really not true.

        • You’re right; pwjones captured a lot of packets before the game closed. However, the problem is that these packets are currently (in 0.5.1) statically stored to be sent, whereas in 0.6 they are dynamically constructed. The dynamic construction is where a replica manager will make things much easier.

  22. How can I capture packets, such as enemies, npcs, things like that?

  23. Hi, my server says it stopped working when i try to log on to LU after getting the server database to connect to localhost. Please help!

  24. Hey tim, I am experiencing a problem when i make a character and press play it says 0% and stays on 0%, and I am wondering if that was fixed on 0.6 because I see people on the worlds

  25. Using version 0.6, It’s telling me it’s unable to connect to the database. I’m only trying to run a local server, so my ports aren’t forwarded. All I have is release 0.6 and the nexus files themselves. I’m gonna go ahead and guess I’m doing something wrong. What is it?

  26. I am running server .5.1 and I cant seem to use other character than the nimbus isle character, all the other just send me back to the login screen any idea what this is?
    Thanks for the help!

  27. hi my son love playing lego universe we got the disk because i though i could do it.but i been sitting here on the computer for the last 12 hours and i try everything. all i get is cannot find any available server what am i doing wrong i hate to tell my son that i could figure it out. please help. thanks jiny

    • Hi jiny,

      The disc has an incomplete version that uses the original patcher, which is unusable. You should download the recommended client (“Nexus 2”) and the server 0.5.1 from the downloads page and extract them. Next, run the server and then the client.

      When you download the client, you will want to run the legouniverse.exe that is foudn in the “client” folder. This should work for your CD version, but it will crash after logging in due to missing files.

      If you have any more questions, just ask.


  28. Hey Tim,

    I am still having trouble accessing other worlds besides the Nimbus Island. All the other characters seem to send me back to the log in page what can I do to fix that, I have no idea what is wrong frankly. Thanks for the help.

    • Hi
      I alwayse had this Problem but i found a way to change this. In Q&A from the lu on this page its been described how to change worlds. But thats not work on my pc. i look other infos and found that not the 1. and 2. byts must be changed. To change world you must change Byts 8 and 9 of the first 4 numbers and letters and then the other 8 nummbers and letters in the next line from the 1 byts to 4 byts.
      You musst Edit this nummbers and letter with the notpad++ hex-editor
      I hope i can help you.
      im sorry for my english problems but i am from german.
      if you have other problems right it here.

  29. Hi Tim
    I have an other Problem
    You have out the bundled version of luni server.
    I have downloaded it and check it out how it works but if i create a new carakter and join its loading not its still load and load and load.
    Do you have an Ideea waths this bug is i can make accounts and carakters but i cant load worlds.
    I had another Question. If i create more accounts with 4 carackters, how can i change worlds of each carackter.
    Thanks if you awnser this.
    i hope you can fix this fast but i downt wana get you in trouble (i hope i have this right. I dowsnt speak very well english).

    ps sorry for wrong words.

    • I know the error. 0.6 has this bug and we are fixing it for 0.6.1. If you want to load worlds try 0.5.1.

      • Hi
        Thanks für this Info
        Yes i have this version and I use this version.
        I just wanted to say that this error gets up.
        Thanks that you fix this bug.

  30. is ther somehow a chance that anywon who know how to setup fully lego universe. can help trough teamviwer. becuse i can`t figure this out. sorry for the bad english. Im danish.

    • Hi
      I am Michi
      And I am always not good at English but I can help you if you write what you want.
      Do you want only the LU client or the server?
      If you want client and server you can write it to me.
      I’m suisse.
      I have a server for full world’s or The newest bundle of LU but it can’t load the maps.
      Coose something thath I can help you.
      Call me if you Coose something.

      • Sorry I forgot to say that this server and client not my is.
        It’s the server of Tim.

        • Hi all
          I am it again.
          Sorry if I wrote to much,but I am not good at writing sentence.
          I hope you write to me some time that I can help you.

        • Hi Tim
          I just want to say that the description of this page doesn’t function in the 5.1 the release.
          You must change the world with the 2 bytes at 8 and 9 not the 1 and 2.
          The rest is correctly.
          I tested it on different pcs and softwares.
          I hope you make a video on YouTube how to set up a LU and server with changing world’s.
          If you doesn’t make a video, can I make a video for you?

  31. Elt The Elite Trooper April 18, 2015 @ 8:18 PM

    I have the log in screen, the right music plays, but I cannot log in. It says “Sorry! We cannot connect you to LEGO Universe. Please try again in a few minutes.”

    A video I saw on this site was able to get past that using a test version, after trying the login again, but I can’t.
    How do I get in with “any username or password”?

  32. Is there any way of compiling the .bin to add in enemies ect? I have the .kf, .kfm, and .objs for various monsters, so would it be possible to add them in?

  33. can I use visual studio 2015? And also, can I help with Development? And another question - what programming/scripting language are you using for this? I'm guessing its C#. Thx for reading this and please reply soon

    • We use C++ for most parts.
      You are always welcome to help with development, just post something on the main page. I think you can use Visual Studio 2015, if it supports RakNet.

  34. Does version 0.6.1 allow the venture explorer to load or is that not fixed yet. I would really love to play this but I can’t. When I make a new character and hit play, it says loading venture explorer and stays at 0%. Is there a file I’m missing or does it not work. I’m using XAMMP and have the MySQL thing setup.

  35. You’re gonna have to add you’re own content, right? I mean, the game’ll get after a while if nothing new is added.

    • Maybe we can. It’s not sure if Lego gives us the permission, but if, this will happen.

  36. Just so you know: F2P ruined everything

  37. i know ods are other people have asked this, but i cant use the characters to play ihave tried i have the recomended client and server, waht should i do?
    thre is no error message(not from what i know) but whan i press play it just taks me back to the login

  38. For me it says MSVCP.dll is missing and I am unable to run the server.

    • Which server version did you use?
      Try to download the Visual Studio Redisturbables.

    • Install Visual Studio 2013 Express for Desktop or later, or try a VS redistributable if you don’t want to edit and re-compile the server.

  39. Hey Timtech can u text me I have some questions but don’t wanna do it all over this, please text me. 727 647 7957
    I want to join your team, I’m an experienced developer in C c++ and Python
    Plus I got a few questions man
    If not email me

  40. when i try to extract the recommended server:
    ——————————————————————–The compressed (zipped) folder is empty.

    Before you can extract files, you must copy files to this compressed (zipped) folder.
    redownload or what?

    • and when i open it
      ———————————————————– Windows cannot open this folder.

      The Compressed (zipped) Folder ‘C:\Users\*****_000\Desktop\’ is invalid.
      ——————————————————– (The stars are blocking out my name)
      hope this helps your answer

  41. Will LU be playable with other players online?

  42. Do we have to make our own server? Or are you guys gonna make a single download for all of us so we don’t have to do servers?

    • Also, how do we join friend’s servers? Because I want to play with someone else.

  43. Hey, is there a OSX download for the game, because I’m not able to find it ?

  44. monkey tanfield June 28, 2015 @ 10:07 AM

    hey me again i was wondering is the launcher what i think it is?
    Is it so that people can open this and loads the game from that e.g. some sort of version of the launcher from the original game

  45. Terminated Unable to connect to database!
    I get this message when I run the LUNI Server. Help please!

    • It sounds like you are not running Apache and MySQL from XAMPP. Either try server version 0.5.1, get the LUNIBundle, or host the .sql database through XAMPP. If you want to try the last option, I can show you a tutorial, but I recommend trying version 0.5.1 of the server.

  46. Hi, I’m having issues with the login, Whenever I go to log in it tells me “sorry we are unable to connect to lego universe right please try again in a few minutes”. I have server version 5.1, but I don’t know why it’s not working please help me I really like this game. ( sorry for making that so long)

    • It’s fine, not long at all. It sounds like you are not running the server. Make sure you’ve downloaded and extracted the server version 0.5.1, and then run “LUNI Server.exe” before launching the client.

  47. Could anyone please help, i got lego universe to run and all but after i log into it it doesnt move from connecting to world. could someone please help

  48. will we ever be able to make our own account and make a character and save it? also when will there be things to kill as well as faction leaders and will there ever be pets ?

    • 2 last things. would we ever be able to get our accounts back? and will it become its former self as a mmo? or at least online with a coupe other people?

      • HappyAngryCatfish July 27, 2015 @ 11:07 AM

        You basically just said the same thing 3 times. But yeah the goal in the end is to be 100% complete. Soon by the end of August you’ll be able to create your own character and save it again.

  49. will there ever be online with other people and will we ever be able to use our lego accounts to play with our old characters also will thee ever be enemy’s?

  50. so i got lego universe from timtech and when i try to make an acount it leads me to a page that says something about its not availible so im just left with a game i cant play unless i have and acount 🙁

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