Intermediate.School service

Thanks to the release of the .school top-level domain, we are now able to offer subdomains of We offer the following four services for any intermediate school*:

  • Domain restriction (FREE) – Prevent others from registering the domain name that corresponds to the school’s name. For example, if you were the Principal or IT Administrator of Beautiful Intermediate School, but couldn’t afford these services, you could restrict so that no one else could register it. It would still be available to you if you wanted to utilize it in the future.
  • Domain redirection ($5/year) – Forward visitors to the IP address of an existing website. For example, if I owned TimTech Intermediate School and I had the existing website with the IP address of, I could use the domain redirection service to redirect people from to We offer this as the cheapest service since it requires the website to have a dedicated IP address, which is generally only used by high-end websites.
  • Domain forwarding ($10/year) – Forward visitors to an existing webpage. This is the simplest option, and will redirect users to any URL. An example of this service is the domain itself, which is forwarded to this page. Notice in the address bar at the top of your browser that the URL has changed from to
  • Domain masking ($20/year) – Forward visitors to an existing webpage, but make it appear to stay on the domain. A good example of this service is If you visit the site, you will notice in the address bar at the top of your browser that the URL shows instead of showing the real URL, This service is ideal for those schools with free web hosting or an otherwise undesirable domain, since it makes the site appear to have professionally registered domain name.

* Due to technical restrictions, we are only able to offer these services to intermediate schools whose full proper name is 45 characters less, including spaces and punctuation.

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