Ultimate Minecraft 1.12 ESP Package [Download]

Minecraft hacked client Aristois (Block, Chest, Item, Mob, Player and Prophunt ESP) 1.12.x. To install these hacks, go to the download page for Aristois 1.12.x here and follow the on-screen instructions.


With hundreds of unique mods and settings, the Aristois client for Minecraft 1.12.x is packed with features such as Optifine, IRC, macros, and more!

  • Right Shift = GUI
  • Left-Click = Toggle Mod

Mod Details

  • ESP stands for extrasensory perception: a type of “sixth sense” that provides you with information that you otherwise would not have known. In the context of video games such as Minecraft, ESP is commonly used to highlight valuable items and blocks as well as other players and their secret bases in order to give you an unfairly gained competitive advantage.
  • Block ESP is a highly customizable mod for Minecraft that is often referred to as “X-Ray”. However, there is a slight difference. Traditional X-Ray hacks make most blocks invisible, leaving only a few (ores, chests, etc.) visible. While this can be useful for finding large amounts of ore, it leaves you oblivious to other blocks, making you more prone to walking or falling into danger. Block ESP, on the other hand, leaves all blocks visible, but highlights certain blocks (which you can specify within the settings) in order to give you the best of both worlds.
  • Chest ESP – Chest ESP is very similar to Block ESP and could be considered a subset of Block ESP. It’s much more convenient to have a predefined list of “chest” blocks (e.g. regular chests, trapped chests, perhaps enderchests, etc.) within a separate mod that you can toggle to highlight chests in a different color, making them stand out easily for raiding bases or locating loot in adventure mode or the “hunger games” series of minigames.
  • Item ESP – Item ESP is a unique mod that highlights any dropped/floating items in a manner similar to the other ESP mods. This is particularly useful in situations where you have died or killed someone in a particularly mountainous region, or in a treacherous ravine. Often these places are dark, making it hard to find every last item you dropped. Did you have two swords or three? This mod eliminates the need to rack your brain in order to recall your inventory. Also, it helps to immediately take note of opponents’ items when they die, instantly pointing out where their weapon or other valuable items went. Just remember that in vanilla Minecraft and most mods, items in loaded chunks usually de-spawn after five minutes of laying around.
  • Mob ESP – There’s no need to be afraid of hostile mobs when you have Mob ESP! Honestly, you probably shouldn’t be afraid of them in the first place, considering your other mods such as Fullbright and Kill Aura. Still, this mod is great for locating those nether mobs, such as ghasts and blazes, in order to get rare drops. It also makes spawners stand out due to the quantity of mobs they spawn, although you can also look for spawners with regular Block ESP or X-Ray.
  • Player ESP – DrAdmit it: you’re downloading this primarily for the Player ESP functionality. No longer will you have to worry about sneak attacks or ninja raiders when the mod highlights all players within your render distance. Other statistics, such as their usernames, weapons in hand, and distances from you can also help you to make more informed decisions about whether to confront your enemies or hide from them. Not to mention the fact that no one’s base is hidden from you when you have this mod enabled…
  • Prophunt ESP – Prophunt ESP is a very specific type of ESP that highlights players’ “prop” models within the prophunt series of minigames. It has been designed to work with most existing prophunt servers, but keep in mind that it might not detect custom prophunt settings or features. Still, you’ll be able to find those pesky players in no time with your Prophunt ESP hacks! The only question is why would you play Prophunt when you have all of these other ESP hacks available?
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