Lego Balance of Power

Lego Balance of Power was a computer game made by a group of LEGO fans dedicated to creating a 3D Lego game. Unfortunately, the project is now inactive. Since I was a developer of the most early stages of the game, I proudly present to you the concept versions of the game, along with versions that you can directly modify, as well as pre-compiled .exe files if you just want to play.

Download LBoP here, which includes:

  • LBoP 0.1.1 (Compiled)
  • LBoP 0.1.1 (Source)
  • LBoP 0.1.1 (Backup Source)
  • LBoP 0.1 (Compiled)
  • LBoP_Notes.txt

Some contents of LBoP_Notes.txt:

These game maker builds were programmed and textured by Timtech, with a few sprites from DOOM which were going to be replaced later. The music and art is original LBoP art by other members of the team.
move the player with the arrow keys
staffle with <z> and <x>
shoot monsters, barrels, and doors with the <space> key
to run use the <shift> key
to jump, use <f> (Note: jumping is only in 0.1.1+).
LBoP 0.1.1
- Added the ability to jump (F)
- Added monsters
- Improved door texture to match walls
- Expanded the level

LBoP 0.1
- Initial release

Readers Comments (9)

  1. how do i get on lego universe

  2. Wait…. I’m Confused Is There A Server I Can Play On With Other Players And Such? And If Not When Will There Be? (If There Will). Again I’m Highly Confused XD

    • No, LBoP is not active anymore, and these were the latest files I happened to still have (they definitely went beyond that using the Unity engine).

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