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  1. Happy LEGO Universe Closing Day 2015! 🙂 😀 🙁

    3 Years!
    🙂 😀 🙁

  2. Erm this pops up in server console when trying to log in
    auth received unknow pakcet: data in bytes

    P.s these are not my own spelling mistakes these are the consoles LOL

  3. I followed the tutorial video here: but all of my text documents come up different and I don’t have the legouniverse.exe file in my client folder, will this work if I installed the game on disc a few days ago and is it compatible with windows 8.1 on an ASUS?

    p.s. sorry about multiple questions, I’m just excited there is hope that I can play my beloved space marauder class soon.

  4. god news.Lego universe will really comeback in next year with the:NEXUS ADVENTURES

  5. Salut timtech c’est moi tony93 vous en etes a ou maintenant y’a t’il les monstres les nouvelles map et totu sa ?

  6. Tim, I havent got a reply yet? D:

  7. Tim, Why havent you replied yet? D:

  8. Hi Timtech!
    I am an old Lego Universe player. Do you think your team can reproduce the game that it will be playable with your own characters? Or it will be able to play with friends?

    Ps: sry for my bad englisch 😀

  9. terminated unable to connect to database PLZ HELP

  10. can you add bitcoins to donator? i have a few lying around.

  11. jonnylegoboy911 March 29, 2015 @ 5:20 PM

    Hi again! Just checking to see all that’s going on here! I’ve seen several people on the LEGO gallery get onto LU recently and I assume this is the only place to get it yes? I wonder if there’s any way I will be able to get on even if my computer is a bit older…

  12. Can I run server version 0.5 on Windows XP 32 bit?
    Sorry for my bad english.

    • I think so, but why don’t run 0.5.1, which doesn’t requires Visual Studio? It’s really easier to manage.

  13. So… Whenever I log into a character, it disconnects me instantly in all cases but cheeky monkey. It keeps me on the world until I try to interact with something like an item, mailbox, or something in my inventory. When this happens, it says:
    “world received unknow pakcet: data in bytes:
    53 04 00 15 00 00 00 00 0f 00 00 00 02 00 0d 00
    00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00

    If it helps, the username and password I am using are both just ‘f’ and i’m using version 0.5.1. Thanks!

    • That is normal. 0.5.1 uses a framework (static, hardcoded packets) that we are moving away from in 0.6+. Still, 0.5.1 is currently recommended since it shows more progress as of now, and it does not require XAMPP and the SQL database. However, things like items, mail, and NPCs haven’t been implemeneted yet. What you are experiencing is normal. You can still change worlds by editing the world ID and checksum in world\char_aw2.bin, with information found at

      • First of all, sorry for all of the stupid comments and replies, as I just haven’t been thinking straight all day. Anyway, how do I open the char_aw2.bin file? Every time I try to open a .bin file, it tries to open in VLC media player, which doesn’t work. How can I fix this?

        • I use Notepad++ with the HEX-Editor plugin. Once you install Notepad++ you can right-click the file and select the option to open it in Notepad++. You can also use a different hex editor (I know Jon does) if you’d like.

          • But what do I change to those ids? I opened it in notepad++ and viewed it with hex editor, but I don’t know what to do now. It just says ‘Address’ and then 3 sets of digits, 00000000, 00000010, and 00000020, each forming a row. the digits 0-9 and letters a-f each form a column, and in each column is a different data value. Lastly, there is a Dump column with a bunch of random characters. What do I change to the values on the site? Thanks!

          • Nvm.

          • Yeah, you don’t mess with the ASCII representation of the characters, since it’s not plain text. Just change the hex-represented bytes.

  14. when I try to launch the server it says
    “The program can’t start because MSVCP120.dll is missing from your computer. Try Reinstalling the program to fix this problem.”
    And I did but nothing.


    • I recommend you get a “Release” version (perhaps 0.5.1 release; it is easiest). Or, just install Visual Studio 2013 (or later) Express for Desktop.

      • it says

        we are unable to download LEGO Universe
        please check your internet connection or got to for troubleshooting.

        my internet was fine and i had downloaded lu so what did i do wrong?

        • HappyAngryCatfish April 21, 2015 @ 12:55 PM

          Don’t use the launcher go into client and double click the ‘Lego universe’ .exe file

  15. So I do everything and open the LUNI Server, and it opens and says this
    Nothing else happens.

  16. Could you tell me how to resolve the following error, I had been trying to change the world, after lots of problems, I managed to log back on, but got the error message: ‘Your game assets don’t match the server.’

    To log on, I had to change the boot.cfg file to say ‘AUTHSERVERIP=0:localhost’. I had to do this to get as far as logging on, but this occurs when I try to use the player to get into a new world.

    Please help!

  17. How can you send packets from the client?

  18. Errrrm
    I tryed everything Tim said but it won’t work And if I get it working will I have my original characters or will I start fresh

    • This is not quite the LU you will remember, this is I believe developed from packets of data captured by WireShark. There are a few preset characters, each corresponding to a specific world. There are also only NPCs in one area, and none of them are enemies, so good luck levelling up.

      This project currently requires editing the packets to change the world, character, spawn NCPs, and I think spawn smashables.

      Therefore, currently, this game is only related to LU, it is more like its backbone, but LU won’t be back till we have the whole body, which could be in quite a while.

  19. sargon richtofen May 7, 2015 @ 8:49 PM

    hey, tim where is the “server files?”

  20. Hi Timtech, I have problems with server or client. I install client on osx, and it’s worked! And install server on Windows 7 (VM), it’s worked too! But on logining to server on “Connecting to world.” client reloads without error messages…

  21. sargon richtofen May 8, 2015 @ 2:39 PM

    where do i put in the IP adress in config?

  22. Hi Tim i was wondering when i want to switch a character on Lu i clicked the Change Character but it stays on the same one can you help and good luck getting all the Lu Files i recommend that you try to ask the Lego company for them

  23. What should i do?? I cant play with an own character, but i dont care 🙂 the problem is: when i start to play, i can’t because the loading is stops at 35 % 🙁 pls help me :((

  24. Me and my friend can’t play with LAN together. So I decided to port forward the ports and change the config. When we done that, we could get to the character select screen, but when we select him, it says “Connection To World Server Lost”. What do we do?

  25. View my coomment on faq plz timtech

  26. this looks easy, hope it works! 😀

  27. hey tim, sorry for the double post, but when i”m in 5.1 (recommended) and i delete a charecter, i’m fine until i make a name from the 3 bars of different names, and then when i press yes for it to work, i cant press any buttons, cant press play, the x button, back, none of them. help!

  28. i am happy that i can play lego universe but when is the full game availabl and how i can help you

    • (1)Nobody knows when it’ll be complete. But it will take a long time. (The full game is allready available, but the full server isn’t)

      (2)Currently, the project is changing a lot, so I don’t know exactly where to start, but it would be helpful to learn c++ and understand networking. If you want to start with developing, look here:

      Also, you could try to find other devs to help the project or support people who have questions (like i try to do.).

  29. i tried to log in in lego universe but it doesnt go
    I tried to do it(sry im from Germany so i speak bad english)but then Comes
    i startet the normally
    i dont know hod to do that or can y help me by Team Viewer?

    • i download Nexus and downloaded 0.5.1(recomended and the other without ,,recomended´´)

    • Der Fehler den du beschrieben hast tritt so weit ich weiß nur bei der Version ohne Recommended auf. Probiers nochmal mit der Empfohlenen(Recommended), alternativ könntest du auch Visual Studio 2013 (Express Desktop oder noch besser Community Edition) installieren, das sollte das Problem auch lösen.
      Oder lade das Bundle herunter, das Bundle sollte am leichtesten zu bedienen sein, wenn du, falls es Probleme gibt, einfach alle Fenster nach mind. 10 sec. schließt das Bundle neu startest.

      Falls du noch fragen haben solltest, kannst du gerne (auf Deutsch) fragen.

  30. By the way:
    Which charities do you donate to?

  31. i play 0.6 but terminated unable to connect to database i want not play 0.5.1 because alone

  32. version 0.6 is this a multiplayer server?

  33. hey i have been playing on these private servers before like 1 or 2 years and i would like to ask if anybody could give me a gameplay video of how the server works now 🙂


  34. What do you think ? Will it be like 3 years ago ? Missions, Enemies, Difrent lenguages (im from Germany) , other players (that was the absolute best !) Updates with new Places and Missions etc ? What if u get that back to like years ago and lego says they will bring it back on and suport it ? Would u sell ? or say . Ok BUT : We get a job at you ! And u never Close it again !! And dont do anithing we dont say jes to ! Or what would u say ?

    What do you need to brin it back to like 3 years ago ?

    • It will be as it was. German is possible allready. New updates are not planned because that’s also a Client thing. We can’t sell the server to Lego because it is Open Source. And that means that everyone can get it for free. LEGO is still trademark of the LEGO Company so we are not allowed to make any commands like “you have to give us jobs!”. Also, Lego won’t try to get LU back because they’re not interrested in it anymore.

      For general questions like this, please use the main page 😉

  35. Are there enemies in the game right now? If not, then when will they be added, if we get that (and maybe all worlds, our characters ,and shops) I will be completely satisfied. Thanks!

    • No, there are no enemys. But they will be added. Just like all worlds and shops.
      It may take much time.

  36. I am using 0.6.2 and I have successfully compiled it in visual studio with 15 errors and 1 warning, however, I dismissed them because the server ran anyways. Although the server runs, it wont initiate because it says it has failed to login to the local database. I am hosting a MySQL database through XAMPP and I have configured the .ini files correctly (I triple checked, believe me) and it is still not working. Any ideas? (the database is being hosted locally as well)

  37. How I can run server V 0.6.2? Do you have any video tutorial to it ?
    And when next update?

    • The current 0.6.1 is broken. There will be a fix soon. It works on the same way as 0.6.1/0.6.0

  38. Development moving along well?

  39. Development doing well?

  40. Can we play Lego Universe online in the future?

  41. Hi guys i have a problem.I have download it but then my computer says that it is corrupt (Sry for the bad english)

  42. My Lego universe say after I log in wait a couple of minutes and it is still not working. Please help

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