Minecraft is a game about placing blocks to build anything you can imagine. It also has music by C418!

Content about downloading Minecraft has been removed in compliance with Mojang AB and Notch Development AB. Minecraft is no longer available for download. Downloading Minecraft from this site or any site is illegal. The only way to obtain Minecraft legally is by buying it directly from minecraft.net.

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  1. Tim
    1.6.0 is out but i cant get it on the launcher

  2. So why I cannot update my minecraft 1.5.2
    To 1.6

  3. Hey Timtech, can you help me with a problem I’m having?

    I have a Hamachi Minecraft server, but for some reason my friends could not connect. I tried disabling my firewall (Windows Firewall) and then they were able to get on. However, when I turn it back on they can’t again. How do I just my Firewall settings so that it lets people get on without totally disabling my firewall?

  4. Can You Upload More Midis?? Like Fallen Kingdom, Revenge, New World, And Hunger Games Song?? TYSM!! -BudderGirl

  5. Hey Timtech! where is minecraft foce op 1.5.2?

  6. Hey TimTech! I am Megasteel32 and I stubbled across your website and it seems pretty cool, so keep up the good work! Also, I need coding help so email me at Megasteel32@gmail.com. Thanks, Megasteel32

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