Need for Gun 3

This game has been discontinued.

The file size is 8 MB (11 MB for the developer package). It includes three folders: sounds, textures, and models. It also uses a .ini file for storing options and a .dll and .db to clean memory. The change log is included in the package, but you can view/download it separately here.

= Crates added
= Super fast external load
= Added ability to switch weapons
= Adding ability to place blocks
= Added barrels (plus explosions, scorch, barrel fire, and bush fire)
= Joystick compatability added
= Scoping implemented
= You can now look up and down
= Added sniper rifle – bullet does 6 shoot repeats and can go through some walls
= Added handgun
– Adding chainsaw
– Added secondary weapon select
– Major bug fixes
– You can now jump
– Fixed 3D inversion glitch
– Added version at title screen
– Added reloading sounds
– Shotgun cartridges release 3 bullets per shot and can go through certain objects
– Updated controls
– Updated info
– Fixed health glitch (game restarts on death)
– Added “View Change Log” at title screen
– Fixed joystick sprint glitch
– Audibly implemented snd_shot and snd_ow
– Better alignment of shotgun with crosshair
– Shotgun now holds six shots
. Ricochet sound’s volume lowered
. Less preloaded music (faster bootup time)
. Mob drop texture added (also in 0.1 package)

= Added mouse as a control
= Added SMG
= Added shotgun
= Added title
= Added clips and ammo indicators
= Added reloading
– Added crosshair
– game_priority changed from 0 to 1
– Updated info
– Fixed bugs

Readers Comments (3)

  1. Tim I notised that the minigun is massively over powered

    Make each clip 100 rounds

    and hold 4-6 clips

  2. i think the shot gun is awesome and the quick scoping is too xD

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