Minecraft 1.15 Fishing Bot [Download]

Recently, I received an interesting request from one of you, asking me to make an undetectable Auto-Fishing bot that doesn’t require you to download any hacked clients.

Timtech, Could you PLEASE make a AutoFish … I’m nearly a legit player, but fishing is so DULL I need a automated way so I can AFK while I fish >.< PLEASE


In the past, hacked clients were the easiest way to get a variety of AFK tools, including the auto-fisher. However, as server admins and anti-cheat plugins continue to get stronger, it makes sense to have a standalone fishing bot that doesn’t require a hacked client and can’t be detected by any servers, so that players who are otherwise totally legit won’t have to waste hours fishing. With that in mind, I’d like to introduce:

The AFK Fishing Bot for Minecraft 1.15

Besides being an undetectable AFK fishing bot (awesome!), it’s got some other cool features:

  • Announce loot and MCMMO fishing levels in-game or in Discord chat
  • Works in every gamemode, even in cracked servers and in Realms!
  • You can also type “<username>, Level?” in chat to check on your level.

It doesn’t have an insane amount of features, but that’s because it’s super simple to install:

How to download/use the bot

  1. First, click here to look at the latest releases and pick the one that’s best for you, based on what version of Minecraft you’re using.
  2. Make sure you have Java installed. You don’t need the JDK, just the runtime environment (JRE). There’s a 99% chance you already have this if you’ve played Minecraft on the same PC.
  3. Run the command “java -jar Fishingbot.jar” from a command prompt.
  4. After launching the bot for the first bot, you can adjust its settings by editing the “config.properties” file.
  5. Once you’ve configured the bot to your liking, simply give it a fishing rod and put it in front of the water!

And that’s it! Hopefully you’ll be able to avoid the boredom of long fishing streaks from now on. If you have any questions, let me know below and I’ll try to help you out.

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  1. can you help me, my command prompt when I type “Java -jar Fishingbot.jar” and the results. “Error Unable to accsess jar file fishingbot.jar” Pls help

    • Is your command prompt in the correct directory, the one that contains Fishingbot.jar?

      Also, you may need to run command prompt as administrator.

      • I ran to the same problem and i ran as administrator too

        • Someone posted a possible solution below. They said “Go to your Fishingbot.jar file, then select properties. Copy the location and then run commmand prompt as administrator, then paste the location. E.g. C:\Users\TestUser\Desktop\Fishingbot.jar”

      • I’m sorry but I have the same problem and I have no clue exactly what I’m supposed to do

    • Same problem 🙁

    • This can be fixed. Go to your Fishingbot.jar file, then select properties. Copy the location and then run commmand prompt as administrator, then paste the location. E.g. C:\Users\TestUser\Desktop\Fishingbot.jar

  2. can u make tutorial video ?

  3. Hello, i placed myself in the Fishingbot.jar directory and launched that command. The result is the same as SAKMAD. Could you please help us ? Thanks. PS: i did started the cmd as admin. Thanks

  4. I made the command work by deleting the Folder named Fishingbot on my Desktop, renaming the Fishingbot.jar from Fishingbot.jar(1) to Fishingbot.jar but now I have another problem:
    C:\windows\system32>cd C:\Users\denil\OneDrive\Desktop

    C:\Users\denil\OneDrive\Desktop>java -jar Fishingbot.jar
    [2020-04-29 23:32:47] [INFORMATION] Try to authenticate FishingBot:********
    [2020-04-29 23:32:47] [SCHWERWIEGEND] Authentication failed with code 403 from https://authserver.mojang.com/authenticate: HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden
    [2020-04-29 23:32:47] [SCHWERWIEGEND] {“error”:”ForbiddenOperationException”,”errorMessage”:”Invalid credentials. Invalid username or password.”}
    [2020-04-29 23:32:47] [INFORMATION] Pinging with protocol of MC-1.8
    [2020-04-29 23:32:49] [SCHWERWIEGEND] Could not ping:
    [2020-04-29 23:32:52] [SCHWERWIEGEND] Could not start bot: Connection refused: connect
    [2020-04-29 23:32:52] [INFORMATION] FishingBot restarts in 3 seconds…
    [2020-04-29 23:32:57] [SCHWERWIEGEND] Could not start bot: Connection refused: connect
    [2020-04-29 23:32:57] [INFORMATION] FishingBot restarts in 3 seconds…

  5. Does it work on multiplayer with other people fishing nearby? I have tried other bots that will falsely activate when someone else is about to catch a fish.

  6. so uh do u actully play mincraft

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