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If you have the sum of two numbers as well as the product those numbers, you can use this online calculator to calculate the actual numbers for you:


This is especially useful for factoring trinomials, such as x2+7x+12, by entering the coefficients into the calculator. For example, if you make X*Y=12 and X+Y=7, then you find that X=4 and Y=3. You can then rewrite the trinomial in its factored form, (X+4)(X+3).

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  1. What two numbers add to 7 but multiply to 25?

  2. What tow numbers add up to 4 but multiply to 12

  3. what numbers add to 2 and multiply to 4?

  4. What adds to -7 and multiplies to 3

  5. what adds to -5 but multiplies to -24

  6. Thanks for this calculator, it helped me a lot during maths and factoring.

  7. what multiplies to -92 but adds to 9

  8. What two numbers multiply to -14 but add to positive 1

  9. what two numbers multiply to -2 and add to 1

  10. What multiplies to get 42.25 and adds to get 3.25? I’m working on homework and got stuck on the problem…

    • That’s impossible. Think about it: the two numbers have to multiply to a positive number (meaning the signs must be the same) and they have to add to a positive number as well (which means at least one number must be positive). So, that tells us that both numbers must be positive.

      Knowing that, we find that the maximum product we can get with numbers adding to 3.25 is around 2.6, by having (3.25 / 2) * (3.25 / 2). There is no way to get a larger product while still making the numbers add up to 3.25.

  11. what multiplies to -120 and adds to 7

  12. what two numbers multiply to -36 and add to 9

  13. What multiplys to 5 and adds to -15

  14. What adds to get -51 and multiplies to get 156.

  15. Kristine Goodyear April 27, 2017 @ 4:22 PM

    What numbers add to -32 and multiply to get -10?

  16. What multiplies to be -2025 and adds to be 0

  17. What 2 numbers. Oh, wait there’s a calculator.

  18. Though you may want to know, but the reason everyone is commenting instead of using the calculator is because nobody wants to download it. smh

    • Thanks for the feedback, Ellie! The calculator actually doesn’t need to be downloaded. You simply click the link in the post and it takes you to a page with some boxes where you can type the numbers. The outputs update immediately thanks to JavaScript that runs within the browser.

  19. what numbers add 4 but times to get 6

  20. What two numbers add to 24 and multiply to 36

  21. What two numbers multiply to -12 and adds to -7

  22. What two numbers multiply to -1,600 but add to 60???
    This is the one problem I am stuck on to continue on with my homework problem

  23. Hey! I made a fairly similar program in python, question though:

    does it solve with a nested for loop, or is it solved algebraically, solving the system of equations with the quadratic formula?
    The way i did is:
    given x+y = i
    and xy = j

    y = i-x
    so plugging in -> x(i-x) = j
    multiplying out and converting to SF = x^2 – ix+j = 0
    quadratic formula yields x1 & x2,

    return ( (x1,i-x1),(x2,i-x2))

    • It’s solved using the quadratic formula. Using any kind of recursion would be overkill, plus it doesn’t guarantee that you will get an answer, even if it is an integer answer.

  24. What number adds to -5 and multiplies to 4

  25. what two numbers multiply to equal negative 143 but add up to 20

  26. What 2 numbers are multiplied and become 0 but when added makes the number 25

  27. Never mind

  28. what multiplies to get -2 and adds to get -3

  29. what number adds to 11 and multiplies to 12

  30. What two numbers add to 12 and multiply to 15?

  31. 2 plus 2 is 4 minus 1 is three QUICK MATHS

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