[Tutorial] Calibrate 4-Axis UA5 Transmitter

In the rare situation that the copter is difficult to operation (off balance) and trim does not fix the situation, you should calibrate your UA5 Transmitter by following these steps:

  1. Disconnect the battery from the copter.
  2. Turn off the UA5 Transmitter.
  3. Turn on the UA5 Transmitter.
  4. Make sure the throttle (left stick) is at 0% (bottom).
  5. Turn on the copter (plug in the battery) while it is on a flat surface.
  6. Quickly push the throttle (left stick) to 100% (top) and back to 0% (bottom).
  7. Wait for a “di do di” sound that signifies a connection between the transmitter and the copter.
  8. While keeping the throttle (left stick) at 0% (bottom), push the directional stick (right stick) forward and backwards and left and right, finishing at the bottom right corner.
  9. The copter’s light should now be solid and not flashing. If so, you’re ready to fly!
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