Lego Mindstorms NXT DDoS programs

These are the only DDoS programs that work on the Lego Mindstorms NXT devices. They are for use in educational and personal applications only. using a strong passcode for your NXT brick (or disabling Bluetooth) is the best way to avoid these kind of attacks.


The .zip file contains four programs:


NXT-DoS is a program that floods a master NXT or the first slave NXT with packets.


This program intercepts packets sent by the NXT-DoS program. It will also pick up roughly 10% of the packets sent by a NXT-DDoS program.


This program is the most reliable and fastest DDoS program for Lego Mindstorms NXTs. It sends out packets at an amazingly fast rate to all mailboxes (10 threads per loop). Standard NXT-DoS-detect programs are confused by this program and can only intercept roughly 2% to 10% of the packets depending on how many bricks are performing the DDoS. This program is also ten times as fast as a standard NXT-DoS. It crashed a standard NXT brick with a one-brick attack (10 threads) at about 1,500,000 packets.


All DDoS packets are sent out too rapidly for accurate measurements by basic DoS detection software for Lego Mindstorms. That is why this program displays a range of packets showing about how many packets are being picked up. Note that when a coordinated attack between 3 slave DDoS and a simple DoS from the master (31 threads) the amount of packets received may be out of the range displayed (e.g. 100-300 packets received range would be 310 packets actually received with this setup).

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