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  1. nevermind

  2. How can i spawn npcs?

  3. When I put in a username and password on the login screen for Lego universe it says “Sorry, we could not log you in to Lego Universe right now, try again in a few minutes.” What do I do, I’m using server 5.1 but I don’t know what’s going wrong. Any help?

    • The client displays this message when it cannot reach the server (in that case it should normally have said “Connecting to Authentication.” for a few secons before displaying this error message)
      When you see this error make sure that:
      – the server is running (console window is open)
      – the server has successfully launched (no MYSQL error)
      – the server threads are working (Messages like “World started! Listening on: 2003“)
      – the client connects to your server (Server IP: at the bottom of the login screen)

      • About the fourth point, if you are talking about the server IP that is shown at the bottom of the login screen of the client, I think that will always be shown according to your boot.cfg, whether or not there is actually a server at that IP.

  4. Not much happening on lego universe sites.

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