Ace of Spades 0.75 Hack Package [Download]

Installing the hack package for Ace of Spades 0.75 is simple and easy to do, and gives you a wide variety of hacks such as aimbot, ESP, wallhacks, turbo spade, no slowdown, multibullet, grenade timer, intel ESP, and more. Unfortunately, hacks like infinite ammo, infinite blocks, and infinite health do not work with the current servers.

  1. Download the .zip file.
  2. Extract the file. You will find 2 files – Injector.exe and WTFAOS.dll
  3. Open up Ace of Spades by joining a server.
  4. Press the Windows button and D at the same time.
  5. You will find yourself at the desktop.
  6. Open Injector and press the button with the file and the green plus sign.
  7. Select WTFAOS.dll
  8. In the process box, press the button with the blue magnifying glass.
  9. Navigate to client.exe and select it. Go to Injector and press Inject.
  10. Select Ace of Spades in the toolbar, maximizing it, and you’re good to go!


  • Insert – Open/close menu
  • Up/Down – Choose a hack
  • Left/Right – Cycle hack options


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Readers Comments (64)

  1. How do you open the menu for the hacks?

  2. How does one activate the hack once you have the menu opem?

  3. how do i force unban myself from any server?

      • Enderxenomorph June 14, 2015 @ 11:15 AM

        timtech..that doesnt work.they ban your ip.the firewall of the server blocks the ip.and votekicks dure only 30 mins.

        • I know. Some servers don’t block by IP (but that’s pretty rare these days – some owners even do both).

          • Enderxenomorph July 11, 2015 @ 5:30 AM

            Tim(i assume that that is your real name)please make a video about how to install the OpenSpades hack plz.on a easy way i mean(WAIT…something better.tim!make the hack yourself until its finished and put it as downloadable so we dont have to do it!)

          • Well this is kind of the wrong place to post that, but i mean it’s not supposed to be super easy to install. It’s mainly for those who want to build hacks in openspades and want to build on something that already has some basic hacks implemented. Maybe soemone could make a menu, aimbot, wallhack, ESP, etc. for the hacked client as well.

  4. how do you download this onto mac?

  5. What a good hack.It completes everything I don’t have and can’t be better

  6. can i change the activate button?

  7. Hey, is the Client.exe thing the aceofspades there? cause by me there isnt anything the is called “client.exe”

    • and when i tab out of aceofspades it makes a sound!

    • Yes, the game’s .exe is client.exe (it should have a playing card logo). Make sure you’ve already launched the game, if you’re using the launcher. Injecting into the launcher will have no effect.

  8. What is the basic insert key ??

  9. Hello, Timtech
    is there a way to change the key to open the menu without opening the menu?
    Because on my keybord the INSERT key doesn’t work.

  10. Can you send us the code/visual studio project please, I want to see how it works.

  11. Can you send me the source code/project please, I won’t take any credit from it, I just want to see how it works please

    • I already told you that I don’t have the source code for this hack because I didn’t make it. The .dll is the closest you will get to source on this one.

  12. Does this work on OpenSpades, the OpenGL based AoS client?

  13. could u plz tell me wut u mean by step 6?

  14. eem.. timtech I do not know why ace of spades so now I have to do something does not work , but the hacker game does not work anymore

  15. why isnt my injector working?!

    • Make sure it successfully injects and shows the path of the file injected. If it just says “Successfully Injected:” with nothing below it, it was not successful. Also, every time you open a new client.exe you have to choose it again from the Injector menu because the Process ID changes. Otherwise, it will not inject the right Process ID and you will end up having no aimbot, even though Injector.exe returned successful upon injection.

  16. Does it still work of right now, because no matter what i try when i press insert it does not open anything??

    • Yes, make sure you are not on OpenSpades. Also, you might need the original .msi installer, not the new BnS launcher, because they might have blocked this. Also you might have injected incorrectly, what did it say when you injected? You can get the .msi installer by clicking here.

  17. Votekicks won’t ban you if you have a hashtag in your name in the first letter.

    • That’s a nice technique that will probably stop some votekick attempts, but remember that you can also votekick someone based on their ID (which you can find in the Tab menu). So, for example, if your username was #LiamJames and your ID was #3, I could still votekick you with /votekick #3 (reason)

  18. What is client.exe

  19. hahahahaha every server I’m always kicked

    • I wonder why…

      If you’re getting automatically kicked, I might be able to help you with that. Some servers automatically kick/ban people for detectable hacks like turbo space, big shot, no recoil, no spread, fast water, etc. Otherwise, you’ve just got to make it less obvious that you’re hacking.

  20. When i go back to the game after injecting i cant open the game.. just shows me a zoomed up screen of my desktop

  21. my aimbot doesent work, how do i make hack aim to enemy?

    • If you’ve injected correctly, you can use the Insert key to open the hack menu. You should be able to see the AimKey that you need to hold down in order to use the aimbot. If you don’t like the key, you can change it or turn it off. If you disable the AimKey, your aimbot will automatically lock on to enemies. AutoShoot may also help you by automatically shooting at enemies once locked on.

  22. Dude this hack was very cool but they banned me easily :/ Try harder

  23. ola tem como ativar outros modo de hack dessa imagens a cima

    meus hacks sao poucos tem mais ou so esses mesmo

    tem aimbot settings esc alquma coisa asim e game hacks tem mais hackes ou so esse msm para ace of spades

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