Minecraft 1.8 Hacked Client Metro [Download]

Minecraft hacked client Metro 1.8.x. Includes Optifine, NCP bypass, and Alt Manager.


  1. Download and extract the files.
  2. Minecraft Launcher > “Edit Profile” > “Open Game Dir” > versions, or:
    • Windows location – %appdata%\.minecraft\versions
    • Mac location – ~Library/ApplicationSupport/minecraft/versions
    • Linux – \Home\.minecraft\versions
  3. Click “Open Game Dir” (at the bottom) and from there go to versions.
  4. Copy the “Metro” folder from the extracted folder to the versions folder.
  5. In the “Metro” folder, there should be both Metro.jar and Metro.json.
  6. Re-open the Minecraft Launcher and edit your profile to use version “Release Metro”.


  • Right Shift = GUI
  • Right Click (on hack) = Edit Keybind


  • Optifine
  • Enhanced Xray and ESP hacks
  • 91 mods
  • NCP bypasses
  • Brand new GUI
  • Alt Manager
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  1. FRIST

  2. Nice hack

  3. IT keeps syaing minecrfat not respondig

  4. It’s not showing up on “Edit Profile” what do I do?

  5. Fabian Schneider November 9, 2015 @ 6:29 AM

    hallo ich heise Fabian Schneider

  6. Fabian Schneider November 9, 2015 @ 6:30 AM


  7. Tim,sorry to bother you but I’ve been having problems with this.So I would love it if you can reply!!!! 🙂 So my problem is that I did every step and when I go to the versions or use version its not their is it because I got optifine for 1.8.7 or X-ray for 1.8????? Please respond. Thanks!!!! -rekt

  8. Omg ok nvm thx i got it

    • I’m glad you got it to work! Let me know if you need help with anything else.

      • Does cubecraft detect that

      • does it have reach?

        • No, it doesn’t. (Sorry…)

          Here are the hacks it does have: Aimbot, Anti-AFK, Anti-Blind, Anti-Burn, Anti-Knockback, Anti-Shake, Auto-Build, Auto-Disconnect, Auto-Enchant, Auto-Jump, Auto-Mine, Auto-Respawn, Auto-Sign, Auto-Soup, Auto-Switch, Auto-Tool, Auto-Walk, Auto-Weapon, Blink, Bow-Aimbot, Bread Crumbs, Brightness, Bunny Hop, Chat Spam, Chest ESP, Click-Aimbot, Dolphin, Entity ESP, Fancy Chat, Fast Eat, Fast Fall, Fast Ladder, Fast Place, Fight-Bot, Flight, Flip, Follow, Freecam, Friends, Glide, Headless, Health Nametags, High Jump, Horse Jump, Item ESP, Item Label, Jetpack, Kill-Aura, LSD, Mass TPA, Metro HUD, Middle Click Friends, Nametags, Night Vision, No Fall, No Fog, No Overlay, No Slowdown, No Swing, Notifications, No Weather, Nuker, Panic, Player ESP, PropHunt ESP, Rapid Jump, Retard, Safe Walk, Selection Box, Sneak, Speed, Speed Mine, Spider, Sprint, Status HUD, Step, Timer, Tracer, Trajectories, Trigger-Bot, True Vision, Twerk, Underwater, Underwater Walk, Unfocused CPU, Wall Hack, Waypoints, WorldEdit ESP, World Time, Xray, and Zoom.

  9. I followed the instruction step by step but when i go to edit my minecraft profil it just says minecraft 1.8.9 . Please any help :#

  10. TimTech,
    Gibt es einen Minecraft Hack mit dem man sich teleportieren kann auf einer Map?

  11. I did everything right but won’t work. do I have to put the files in 1.8.9?

    • No, you put it as a folder in your “versions” folder (Minecraft Launcher > “Edit Profile” > “Open Game Dir” > versions). The folder has to have the same name as the .jar and .json that are inside.

  12. theses no metro.jar please help

    • You need to extract the .zip file. Inside, there is a .jar file and a .json file. You may also have file extensions hidden, in which case you should see two files with the same name. Usually the .jar will have a Java icon if you have Java installed (which you need to in order to play Minecraft in the first place).

  13. Does it have Killaura!? I love Killaura

  14. what botton is it to bring the mod menu

  15. Just download the Zip file ,dont know the next thing to do

  16. this abb is so cool

  17. ich will op haben und server griefen danke

  18. Help… I followed the instructions, and it doesn’t show up in my versions. I look in my versions folder, it’s still there.

  19. 8elo hax

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