Minecraft 1.9 – 1.12 Hacked Client Impact [Download]

Minecraft hacked client Impact (designed for 1.9.x but compatible with current Minecraft 1.12 servers). Includes aimbot, kill aura, MCA/NCP bypass, and Mineplex staff detector. (See installation and hacks list below).


  • Designed for Mineplex (it bypasses their unique anti-hack system)
  • Includes a Mineplex staff detector that alerts you when a staff member joins your game
  • 70+ mods (see below for full list)


  1. Download and extract the files.
  2. Minecraft Launcher > “Edit Profile” > “Open Game Dir” > versions, or:
    • Windows location – %appdata%\.minecraft\versions
    • Mac location – ~Library/ApplicationSupport/minecraft/versions
    • Linux – \Home\.minecraft\versions
  3. Click “Open Game Dir” (at the bottom) and from there go to versions.
  4. Copy the “ImpactClient” folder from the extracted folder to the versions folder.
  5. In the “ImpactClient” folder, there should be both Metro.jar and Metro.json.
  6. Re-open the Minecraft Launcher and edit your profile to use version “Release ImpactClient”.


  • Right Shift = GUI
  • Multi/Kill Aura = the slider for speed must be updated at least once
  • Type “.help” in chat = List of commands
  • Type “.togglegui” in chat = toggle the mod list and the Impact watermark

Troubleshooting (possible error list):

  • Problem: Exception in thread “main” java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: net/minecraft/client/main/Main : Unsupported major.minor version 52.0 (or a number below 52.0)

Full hack/mod list (with keybind, if applicable):

  • Aimbot – F
  • Animal ESP – NONE
  • Anti-1.9 – NONE
  • Anti-Blind – NONE
  • Anti-Cactus – NONE
  • Anti-Fire – NONE
  • Anti-Knockback – PERIOD
  • Anti-Pumpkin – NONE
  • Anti-Weather – NONE
  • Anti-Web – NONE
  • Auto-Armor – NONE
  • Auto-Blink – NONE
  • Auto-Block – NONE
  • Auto-Jump – NONE
  • Auto-Respawn – NONE
  • Auto-Sprint – NONE
  • Auto-Steal – NONE
  • Auto-Walk – NONE
  • Blink – COMMA
  • BunnyHop – NONE
  • Chams – NONE
  • Chest ESP – H
  • Click Nuker – NONE
  • Criticals – NONE
  • Derp – NONE
  • Derp [Legit] – NONE
  • Disable – NONE
  • Fast-Bow – NONE
  • Fast-Break (Creative) – NONE
  • Fast-Eat – NONE
  • Fast-Ladder – NONE
  • Fast-Place – NONE
  • Flight – R
  • FullBright – B
  • GTAMC Multihack – NONE
  • Headless – NONE
  • Headroll – NONE
  • Item ESP – NONE
  • Jetpack – NONE
  • Killaura – K
  • Light – NONE
  • MAC Bypass – NONE
  • Mass TPA – NONE
  • MiddleClickFriends – NONE
  • Mineplex Staff – NONE
  • Minestrike Multihack – MULTIPLY
  • Mob ESP – NONE
  • Multi Aura – NONE
  • NameProtect – NONE
  • Nametags – NONE
  • NoCheatPlus – NONE
  • NoFall – O
  • NoRender – NONE
  • NoSlowDown – NONE
  • Nuker – N
  • Panic – NONE
  • Passive ESP – NONE
  • Phase – NONE
  • Player ESP – Y
  • Prophunt ESP – NONE
  • Regen – NONE
  • Sneak – NONE
  • Spider – J
  • Step – NONE
  • Timer – NONE
  • Tracers – U
  • Triggerbot – G
  • V-Clip – NONE
  • Wallhack – NONE
  • X-Ray – X
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  1. everytime i press right shift the gui would not pop up and the commands don’t work !! it shows impact 1.1 on the top left and shows the menu of it but i can’t use nothing or open the hubs !

    • Try using the “.toggle (mod)” command in the chat to see if the mods work. Reinstalling might also help, as well as upgrading to the latest version of Impact.

  2. DieNerdSkyEule_ May 17, 2016 @ 4:33 PM

    Hi !

  3. cool man

  4. hey Tim Tech whats happened to Lego universe newly imagined?

  5. Can you change the gui button?

      • please add an option to change the GUI button (right shift) overtime i press it it lags a lot then my game freezes when it opens and i can’t do anything only way of getting out of it is to shut down my computer also fix that if u can’t fix the crashing thing atlas add an option to change the key cause its way to close to the “/” key i always hit it and crash

  6. Tips and tricks July 31, 2016 @ 9:52 PM


  7. Does it work still?

  8. I can’t get certain things to work like aura and aimbot, is there any way to fix this? Thanks!

    • Aura, aimbot, and some other hacks have their own configuration menus, and you might have to configure them before they will work. Instead of left-clicking those mods, which toggles them, right-click to open their config menus and adjust their speed and/or range.

  9. Hi, I use IMPACT 2.6 i have two problems:
    1: On nametags hack the item on hand and boots dont show and the scaling went really funny after 2.5
    2:All of the hacks are good but there needs to be a tutorial on how to use them and what they do because sometimes its not obvious, i tried doing reasearch on yt and google but I didnt find much help.

    • Impact 2.6 has bugs because it is being updated to work with Minecraft 1.10. Sorry about the lack of tutorials but I don’t really have time to make much more than what you’ll find in this post.

      • I have found that in the new update you’ve added a little phrase for what each hack does thank you very much for helping me out and apreciating my advice 🙂

  10. I’ve found that when I go into the GUI, the screen glitches and I can only see the background if I have my mouse on the bottom mod in a list.

    • Strange, I haven’t had this problem or gotten any comments about it before. Since Impact automatically checks for updates, it’s likely that the latest version introduced this bug. In that case, you should hope Impact’s author notices and patches it in a future release.

  11. is this a scam

  12. It didnt work for me

  13. Sorry, but mcfee told me there could be potential viruses. can anyone link me a video of someone downloading this, or some nice solid proof this isnt?

    • There’s a video in the post, but as always if you don’t feel comfortable downloading then don’t. Also, I would recommend Malwarebytes instead of mcafee.

  14. Yeah my comment didnt come up. if anyone can persuade me otherwise, this is a virus.

  15. Does the v0.9 have a scalpel option were i can just run and it will build in front of me?. Also does it have the TP were if i fall it ps me back up?


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