How to ban evade on Ace of Spades

You can use a Socks 4/5 proxy to bypass IP bans and the blacklist on Ace of Spades Classic.

1) Go to a proxy list.
2) Look for the protocol section of checkboxes on the page.
3) Clear http and https, leaving Socks 4/5 selected. (SOCKS proxies can forward UDP traffic and work in reverse – HTTP proxies cannot.)

Find a good proxy: the better ones are the ones with both Speed and Connection in the green.

Next, get Proxifier here.

Last, open Proxifier and click on add a proxy. Put a fast socks 5 proxy in. Now, go to proxification rules and add a new rule. Call it Ace of Spades, put “client.exe” as a program, and put your proxy as the action. Leave everything else blank. After you’ve created your rule, move it to the top of the list. Make sure it’s checkmarked. Now you should be able to play super fast Ace of Spades Classic! If you can’t, try a different proxy.

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  2. This isn’t working for me and I don’t know why. I follow the instructions exactly, but servers still say I’m banned… it might be because I’m using Google Chrome?

  3. I tried using this… it does not owrk!!!

    can u help?

    I installed it and restarted the computer but it still says banned.

  4. This sucked.Did not even work.

  5. Everyone said it didn’t work……..

  6. is it working with GHOST RECON PHANTOM on NA?

  7. I was ban from xlink kai I change my ip and my username and nothing plz help

  8. got new modem from isp

  9. Wtf is wrong with you?? Why would you publish an article explaining how to evade one’s ban in AoS? Hackers are rampant and it makes our collective experience pretty awful. Players are banned for good reason!

    • Let me tell you, I was banned permanently but I changed… they wouldn’t let me back in, so here you go. Hackers will just be banned again, but those who are changed will play legit.

      • The only reason you were banned was because you hacked. You ruined other players experience with the game. I don’t know which servers you were banned from and when, but gives everyone a second chance. If you lied about what you’re banned for then you lose your second chance. If you were banned from this server years ago and this is an old grudge, I suggest applying for an appeal now as lots of bans have been lifted. Again, everyone is given two chances. If you don’t want to be banned, don’t hack. Simple.

        Seriously, though, I don’t care if you were banned. Why the hell does that give you the right to ruin MY playtime. That’s horribly immature. I didn’t do anything to you. Please stop propagating the use of hacking.

        • I was blacklisted…

          It’s been over 2 years, but they’ve still got a grudge. Check this out –

          • Okay. Thanks for that information. Here’s you appeal in February: Apparently, you applied for trusted status and received it. After you were given trusted status, you went on ahead and hacked anyway (that’s deplorable in and of itself). Here’s the How to get trusted status thread: A few lines down it clearly states: “Due to recent abuse of the trusted password system, I feel inclined to make this disclamer:

            If you violate our rules (griefing, hacking, sharing passwords, etc.) as a trusted member, your password will be permanently revoked.
            Violation of our rules may result in a permanent ban without a second chance.” This was posted in 2012, a year before your ban. You should’ve known about this. Therefore, I agree with the admins. You abused the trust they put in you. The notice that you will not get a second chance was clearly shown. And even then why should you get a second chance? Trusted status if for, you know, people that can be trusted? And you applied for it and hacked anyway?!

            And again, even if you have no chance of being unbanned, why should I suffer? What did I do to you? By all means, find a way to retaliate against the admins, but not the innocent bystanders playing their favorite game. The community in AoS is dying off because of hackers and people like YOU that condone that bullshit.

          • I told you that I have definitely changed since then. I don’t even use the original AoS clients – only OpenSpades “Hardline”, my modpack.

            I understand that they won’t unban me. That’s why this page is here – for others in situations like me. And is definitely still one of the most secure strain of servers when it comes to hackers; they’ve probably blocked most of these SOCKS proxies already.

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