Signs of noob

Are you a noob in Ace of Spades (Classic)? Well now you can find out!
Here are the top 10 signs of noob:

  1. Having a ratio of 0.00 and accuracy of 0%
  2. Scoping with a shotgun or with aimbot.
  3. Trying to push people.
  4. Trying to dig through water or the bottom layer of ground.
  5. Excessively reloading an SMG.
  6. Rage quitting on arenas when not respawning right away.
  7. Trying to kill while spectating.
  8. Typing /kill for fun.
  9. Trying to talk to the other team through team chat.
  10. Trying to get the intel on a team deathmatch or arena game mode.

An honorable mention:
Deploying airstrikes on your own base or in areas of water.
The reason for disqualification – how would noobs get enough kills for an airstrike?

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