EminentCraft review, written by technotim, a part of the server since its start in February 2012:

Overall rating (rating out of 10): 4

Gameplay: 8
Staff: 2
Community: 7
Forums: 6
Maximum players: 75
Cracked survival surver: yes
Hackproof: 5

This server would have scored much higher had it not have been for the staff. technotim was on the server since February 2012. After about 5 months, he achieved the rank Intern. After the “great change”, induced by Merlin and Tanvir619, technotim lost his rank and was IP banned in an argument. He started and abandoned KillEminentCraft to see how the staff would react. They acted incompetently and it produced this review.

The lesson:

Don’t join EminentCraft. It may be a good server to noob out on or troll people, but staff positions are very fragile… and its hackability level is low, as multiple hackers have got on and evaded bans, kicks, and mutes (for example “no name” who didn’t have a username). Also, the infamous Towny Advanced nation hack allows people to take over nations without hacking the king’s account. All in all, there are better servers.

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