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Hello everyone!

As you probably know, the forums on were closed on March 1st (you can check the announcement for the details). Although the rest of the site, including the downloads page, will continue to operate indefinitely, there is no longer any place for members to talk with each other. Because of this, I decided to open up another page here at, the site where it all started, for our remaining community members. The original page has a rich history, with almost 13.000 posts that you can still browse in addition to the content at

Feel free to discuss whatever you’d like. It doesn’t have to be related to LUNI or LEGO Universe. Just remember to follow these rules from the former LUNI Code of Conduct:

  • All discussions must be appropriate for all audiences, especially younger ones. This includes all language (no profanity), and any reference, discussion, or mention of anything illegal, obscene, vulgar, containing mature themes, or otherwise objectionable.
  • Do not personally attack people or undermine their reputation. The general rule applies “if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it”. If you have a legitimate concern, or some useful criticism, by all means raise it. However, do it in a way that is respectful and constructive, as opposed to hurtful or in a way that could instigate a flame war. Generally, be nice to others and treat them with respect.

Please note: As with all other pages on this site, your first comment will be held for moderation, but after that, you will be able to post freely.

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  1. HappyAngryCatfish March 1, 2017 @ 6:46 PM

    First ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ♪ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ♪

  2. How do I find servers that I can play on? doesn’t work.

  3. any open public servers

  4. it wont let me register so im gonna keep doing this(leave a comment)

  5. From TTS to and now back to TTS lmao

  6. this is amazing i use to love this LU and played it alot but iv been trying to find an active public server guess there isnt any this was one of many i use to play when i was younger anyways if anyone finds a active public server whenever there are any let me know ^^

  7. Glad that this project is alive!

  8. But question: Is there any organization to the overall development circle, and what ways can I get involved? I’m currently learning C++ and I would love to help on this project, and have a couple of ideas in mind as to how we can make Lego Universe even better

  9. hey, i also haven’t been able to register, could you please help me out 😀 ?

    • Sure, I’d be glad to, but you’ll have to tell me what the error or problem is that you have. I don’t see anyone who was blocked by the registration filter recently. Just let me know why you can’t register, and I can always do it manually if you’d like.

      • I’m also having problems with the registration, the websites are all down. Is this just you working on it, is this project shut down, or is it just my computer. pls help… 🙁 ps. love your work!

        • ps. it says “website under development” but i don’t know if this just the automatic thing it would say if it wasn’t working

  10. How y’all doing? I ditched LEGO Universe for a while I was to busy sorting other things out.

  11. When ever I open the models in my backpack the server crashes. pls help

  12. WheresMyMailbox April 14, 2017 @ 9:06 AM

    So I’m blocked from creating an account. Its me, WheresMyMailbox. Haven’t been on here for a while.

    • Welcome back! Sorry about the stringent filters, it’s hard to keep up with the spammers vs. users ratio on this site.

      You’re all set to create an account now, although your comments should be automatically approved from now on, regardless of whether or not you register.

      • KittyJumpyPhone April 16, 2017 @ 4:50 PM

        Hello everyone, Jonny has been kind enough to let me use JALUS for a stream on Twitch. So on 19:00 GMT (Please use a time converter site to find when it will be in your time zone) I’ll be streaming JALUS, but I’m also allowing people to actually play on the server along with me. If you want the client to play along with me then just DM me on Twitter, Discord, and Twitch. The stream will involve foot racing, spawning items, visiting worlds, and overall just having a good time. You can catch the stream live when it happens by following me on twitch here and you can DM me on twitter here I hope to see you there!

        • That’ll be 3 PM for Eastern US and noon in the Pacific time zone. Just wondering what day you’re planning to stream? If I can make it, I’d be glad to participate.

          • KittyJumpyPhone April 19, 2017 @ 12:16 PM

            I’ll be streaming on 22/04/2017
            DM me for a client on twitter or discord if you don’t have the JALUS one already. My name on both those sites is of course KittyJumpyPhone

  13. The link wont work it wont let me make an account so that i can play the game

  14. Oh my god dude, im hyped. This game is a huge part of my childhood

  15. Hey TimTech I know LUNI is no longer in development but I need help I’m trying to use LUNI Server version 0.6.3 but it says libmysql.dill is missing help would be appreciated. (also what features does 0.6.3 include) Thanks in Advance!

  16. WheresMyMailbox April 30, 2017 @ 11:05 AM

    So I can talk and get help for server 0.8 here?

  17. WheresMyMailbox April 30, 2017 @ 11:20 AM

    I am having some trouble with the 0.8 server, when I import the LUNI Server.sln file into visual studio, it is having trouble building the code, and no code is showing up. I tried to run a force build, but I just got errors. Any help? I am using VS 2017 Community.

  18. I was going to post a long ragey thing about LUNI.
    Instead I’m going to post the first 10 digits of pi:

  19. Hey Tim, I’m attempting to set up a LAN version of LUNI 6.1, or 6.3, and I keep getting an error saying “we have no record of that username or password” when I try to log in to LU, where it should just auto authenticate. now, I saw someone else had this issue and they were told to clear their database. However, my database file was downloaded from the LUNI forums by someone who had coded it themselves, and I’m not sure if it worked for them.

    MY point is, does anyone have a working copy of the database file that I could get a hold of? that would be very helpful I think.

    Thank you!

  20. WheresMyMailbox May 4, 2017 @ 8:53 PM

    Can I get approved? Please

  21. I recommend Google’s ReCaptcha instead of normal Captchas, as the normal Captchas are more likely to be solved by bots.

    • Thanks, my newer sites have recaptcha or native honeypot designs, but with this site I’m sticking with the captcha I have now, since it works just fine.

  22. whenever i login it doesent log me in!

  23. Whats up? Is it hard to create servers? And may I be allowed to know why darkflame doesnt work? I think the problem is in the boot file.

    • To answer the first part of your question, development on the LUNI Server stopped and there has not been enough demand for public servers to warrant one 24/7. Downloads are still available though.

  24. sarcasticninja4 June 17, 2017 @ 10:31 PM

    i just found out about this a while ago, and there are some things i would like to know first:

    how many worlds are there

    does it have the beginning tutorial

    does it have combat with enemy motion instead of standing there

    does it have dragons because i loved that before

    • You can explore all the worlds, although they are noticeably incomplete and lacking what you might expect. LUNI Server doesn’t support dynamic NPCs so you won’t be able to find enemy combat or dragons, sorry.

  25. How can i connect to your server?

  26. Hi, this is Bricky, you may remember me from the forums. I remember once a very long time ago I was able to get server 0.6.3 running, but I cannot remember how.

    My issue is that loading is stuck at 0% for the Venture Explorer when I make a character.

    It would be helpful if anyone knows how to fix this and not just give the common reply “use 0.5.1” because I already have and I would like something more functional.


  27. WheresMyMailbox June 30, 2017 @ 9:43 AM

    So as I recall, I remember Timtech once said that he got the 0.6.3 server to work by debugging it in VS. What was the program that you debugged? For the 0.8 it was a .sln file (as far as I remember), but what is the file that you would debug in the 0.6.3 repository. I tried the main program, but I got an error.

  28. I’m trying to log in, but every time I click the sign in button, it flips over and says, “Sorry! We could not sign you in to LEGO Universe. Please try again in a few minutes.” I changed the boot.cfg file AUTHSERVERIP= to localhost, and it does the same thing, but now just waits for authentication for a few seconds. I’m also confused about the general state of the server. Is it still online? Can I play the entire game or only up to a certain point?

    • The public servers are offline, sorry. But you have the right idea. Just make sure some version of the server is running on the same computer (I’d recommend 0.5.1 to start) and then you can authenticate with `AUTHSERVERIP=0:localhost,`

      The game is definitely not complete and LUNI only made it to 0.8 before development stopped.

  29. I came back to it after 2-3 years an I tend to forget, do I need the LEGO account or it auto auths whatever I put in when I run on LAN. It seems to me that it shouldt connect to lego databases if its on closed state. I am using the main launcher though.

    • With 0.5.1 or below it auto auths with anything. With higher versions you need to register an account in the database. The CMS on github can help make that easier if you’re trying to expand to accept registrations from others. You can’t use your official LEGO ID to log in since the official LU servers are long gone.

  30. Hey, Tim!
    I’m here to ask a question and hopefully solve a problem.
    1. Every time I attempt to start up a server, the console returns an Error: “Terminated unable to connect to data base.” Is there any way you can fix this?

    2. Are there any newer server versions available to dwonload besides 0.6.3? It’s been a while and, to my knowledge, you guys haven’t stopped developing them yet.

  31. Is there any Public Server available?

  32. Hi. I need help with creating a local lu Server. I already have a database and the Server connects to it. I have registered an account with this: . I get into the Game and log in using the Username and Password I have created. It trys to connect to the Authentication. One second later this error comes up: Sorry, we could not sign you in into lego universe. Does somebody has any idea what I did wrong?

    BTW I used this Server file:

  33. Hi,
    I downloaded the Nexus2 installer and it installed sucessfully. However, when I open the game, it gives me a popup in the launcher “Error: we are unable to download Lego Universe,” along with a little bit more irrelevant text. I have the server running, what’s the problem? Thanks.

  34. ElectricWarpBoss February 3, 2018 @ 4:55 PM

    Hey Tim, just checking in to see if development is still being made on the LUNI server project. As far as i know 0.8 is the latest release…

  35. FormerlyMetaknightfury11 February 4, 2018 @ 1:26 AM

    Oof. I dunno if this is a good time to post this, but I just recently found out about this resurrection of what was essentially one of my FAVORITE MMOs back in the day, so I HAD to try getting this! At one point, I found a good tutorial that was as recent as sometime last year, and was making some headway progress, until I had to download a client. The Torrent file version of the client, to be exact. Though for whatever reason, the page for it doesn’t exist. None of them do, save for the Blast Client. Not even the downloads for the servers existed according to the site. So I downloaded the Blast Client, and DID find a working LEGO Universe Launcher, but there was a problem. I was at the Login Screen, and decided to try using my old account, metaknightfury11, but to no avail. It said it couldn’t log me in, and that I should try it again later. Though I’m honestly not sure if that would work. Would anyone be so kind as to help me figure out how to get in to my account in order to play this game again?

    Many thanks – The Former metaknightfury11.

  36. Hey TIMTECH how do i get started can u help me all the way through plz

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