[Original] OpenSpades Hacks [Download]

OpenSpades hacks, made by me. Tutorial and mod list below! Built on OpenSpades 0.0.12. If you want, you can also check out the regular aimbot for Ace of Spades 0.75 here.


  1. Download the .sdf file (it comes in a .zip) and un-zip/extract it/copy it out.
  2. Download OpenSpades source (0.0.12b or later).
  3. Build the solution with CMake (instructions in README in source code folder).
  4. Replace the existing .sdf file with the one downloaded here.
  5. Build the Solution with Visual Studio.
  6. Have fun!

List of Hacks

  1. No recoil.
  2. No spread.
  3. No weapon switch time (secondary included).
  4. Stay alive at all costs.
  5. Drop grenade when killed (attempts to throw if already aimed, otherwise dropped).
  6. Grenades will not explode if held for too long (great for suicide bombing).
  7. No time necessary in-between shots.
  8. Reload when dead (also gets blocks if applicable).
  9. Shoot players at any distance.
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Readers Comments (46)

  1. Can you please upload an exe or anything else? Because i have no clue to do with this stuff.

  2. oye explica en un vídeo lo que toca hacer no te entendi nada y llevo buscando el se código sdf y no lo encuentro por ningún lado me arias al grandisimo favor de explicar bien

    • SDF es la modificación es lo que te tienes que bajar dandole al enlace de la palabra SDF para cambiar el OpenSpades original por el que te ofrecen aqui, te bajas el SDF luego el OpenSpades original, sustituyes el contenido de SDF por el original de OpenSpades y luego tienes que compilar como si tuvieses el original. Si no sabes compilar olvidate esto es demasiado complicado para ti.

  3. Can you make some kind of hacked client where you just have to drag the client into the resources?

  4. A no fog hack would be nice 🙂

  5. Yo tim…. man plz help me out… i am a noob nd wat stuuf u told up here just got above my mind man….i dont understand wat to do with that sdf file…man please help me out

  6. Enderxenomorph July 3, 2015 @ 9:28 AM

    please make a video of how to make this on youtube.i really want this.

  7. IMPORTANTE. Una cosa, podrias poner el enlace de descarga de “ONU-zip” es que lo he buscado por todas partes y no lo encuentro. Gracias por lo demás 🙂

    • No estoy seguro de si se entiende que es necesario descargar el archivo .zip y luego extraerlo. Tal vez usted podría estar haciendo referencia a la fuente OpenSpades? Sin embargo, si todavía quieres que el anfitrión de la estructura de archivos extraídos, lo haré.

  8. Como lo instaalo? descargo el Cmake ?

  9. En el Cmake Pide Un ” SoucreCode ” Como o de donde lo saco? Ademas no hay ningun Readme

  10. I really don’t understand, I have tried so many times, could you make it simpler like all the A.O.S hacks please, comment it for us all please. I’m not being lazy, I have tried so many times and I just don’t understand it.

    • I love OpenSpades more than Ace Of Spades because the quality is better than A.O.S Classic, it’s free and it’s opensource, allowing mods and hacks.

  11. is there a link to the OPENSPADES v 0.0.12.?

  12. Ah! I now know how to make it, but the Cmake compiler cant find the “src” folder because there is no “src” folder. How did you compile it.

  13. Instructions extremely confusing

    • This wasn’t made to be easy to set up… you will have to build it with CMake. Also you have to fix the local paths, which only worked for me, into relative paths or into absolute paths that work on your computer.

      • Enderxenomorph March 19, 2016 @ 2:15 PM

        use the linux source to remake the hack and give me all the edited parts(not a .sdf file please!)and i will compile to see if its fake or not.

  14. I am one of the devs of OS.
    And I can’t understand why would people hack.
    Do you do it to get a sense of accomplishment?
    To kill this dying game?
    To hack the Matrix?
    For fun?

    Well, whatever. Have fun hacking while you can, because I won’t tolerate any of you in my server.

    • Also quite strange that you are otherwise active at not (censored) up other games.

      I just don’t get it. Once people download your hacks, they’ll forget about you and will go on servers saying (censored).

  15. Bom eu não to entendendo como configura por que no winrar não veio esse readme e sim o sdf voce pode me explicar como configura ?

  16. Hey tim, how i need put the .sdf file, in the first time when i open the solution with vs?

  17. Hey MODERATORS, you old pieces of (censored) – keep reading! Who are you to censor freedom of speech by deciding which comments get seen and which don’t? Your methods are unconstitutional and despicable. You all (censored), and you are all (censored).

  18. Where do I put the SDF files?

    When I use CMake, no SDF is generated.

  19. Im on Windows 7 and this is reall confusing because IDK what is CMake

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