Take Back the Night (Minecraft) Sheet Music, Midi, and Instrumental

We have sheet music, a midi file, and an instrumental version of CaptainSparklez’s Original Music Video “Take Back the Night”. No parts of the song are owned by TimTech Software and no copyright infringement is intended. You can listen to and download the files below:

Take Back the Night Midi
Take Back the Night Sheet Music PDF
Take Back the Night Instrumental Version (Wave File Format)

The Instrumental .wav file can be listened to below:

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  1. het lietje take back the nght (minecraft) voor op de piano moet je daat met de rechter pedal werken

  2. Fallen Kingdom and Take Back The Night is Same Sad!!

  3. I love fallen kingdom and take back the night because they mad me sad and really care about them. Hands down I love these songs!

  4. TheDiamondCrafter November 12, 2015 @ 4:13 AM


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