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Welcome to the LEGO Universe, newly imagined (LUNI) server project.

We’ve moved to You can expect us to be moving there, since there are forums, tutorials, and lots of help.

LUNI Leaderboard (Feb 2015 – Sep 2015)

Position User LUPoint
1 Timtech 3531
2 CDFalcon 2086
3 Jonny 1590
4 HappyAngryCatfish 1224
5 Rabbit21 1088
6 airplane1717 1002
7 Lego king 845
8 Jon002 805
9 mater06 746
10 Mister Piano 709
Position User LUPoint

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Readers Comments (25)

  1. I’m thinking now it’s time to move.
    This comment section was here for a long time, and it was a big chaotic thing. On we have some forums and we’re looking way more official than here.
    It’s time to close this here and redirect to That makes things much easier.

    As long as you hope, you can.
    XYQuadrat aka Mister Piano

    P.S: @Timtech, this isn’t against you. It’s only that everyone is on one place, not splitted over many different. (You may also close

  2. Before this page goes let me copy the comment section so i can always remember it.
    sorry i just can’t let go.

    Lego king
    the 10,000th commenter is now *sigh* singing out

  3. soo…what does 0.6.2 add over 0.6.1?

  4. Tim I’m having a problem with this. Is there any way to get my account on this site to the LUNI site?

    Lego king
    last man on the page

    • No, I know there was a problem registering with the 13+ scripts but it should be fine now. If you’re still having problems I will help you make your account.

  5. hi can i help code LU i am getting some experience with visual C++ with my ICT teacher i can also get the files of my old launcher

  6. when are you making a full launcher without all the moving folder buisness

    • You should probably be informed that asking when anything will *fully* be done creates a very negative opinion of you in developers minds. Firstly, which folders do you mean that you have to move? Secondly, we have client and server install routines planned and thirdly go to and use the forums there and read the rules there first.

  7. why is 0.7 not on the downloads page? LEGO KING told me to download 0.7 because it has world travel; but I went to the downloads page and the newest update was 0.6.2?

  8. Hey so; 0.6.2 isn’t working, it says i’m missing this file, which, you have to install visual studio express 2013 to fix it; I did that but I dont know what to do once i’ve installed it! There was a tutorial Timtech that you suggested; but it is extremely complicated, and it is for using c++ Redistributable not for visual express 2013, please either make a tutorial for visual studio express 2013 or make a video on it! My skype is tximlers so please add me if you can call me and help!

  9. This project page is closed to new comments. To discuss LEGO Universe Newly Imagined, visit

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