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The LEGO® Group has not endorsed or authorized the operation of this game and is not liable for any safety issues in relation to the operation of this game. All files are under the General Pubic License, version 3, and are only for use on a non-commercial basis.


“Nexus 2” (game version Compressed

“Nexus 2” (game version Uncompressed

We recommend that you torrent the client due to its large size (5.3 GB compressed, 12.5 GB uncompressed). It prevents interruptions due to server maintenance, avoids corruption due to browser problems, and puts less stress on our servers. We recommend qBittorrent to torrent the client. Just install it with the default settings and use either the .torrent file or magnet link above to download and seed the client.


The LUNI Server must be downloaded from


MP4 Format

AVI Format




LU PK Extractor


  • EasyWorldChanger [for LUNIServer 0.5.1, by Jonny] (Release, Source)


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  1. Um TimTech i have public server problem. When i join game my level is 6 instead of 1 and i cant do anything. Please help!

  2. Hey Timtech, I know, this will take ages to make, but please, please bring back the old building system, you know, where you could fly to a property and build on it. I beg you, this was for me the most fun thing in LU

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