Lego Universe Installer

LEGO Universe Installer Tutorial (thanks Jon002)

1 – Go to (for Windows users) or (for Mac Users) to download XAMPP for Windows or MAMP for Mac
2 – Install MAMP or XAMPP by downloading the installer and installing the files.
3 – Run “” in the /Applications folder or “Xampp_Control.exe” (I believe this is the name) in (most likely) the C:\xampp folder to start the application
4 – Start both the Apache and MySQL servers for XAMPP or click “Start Servers” for MAMP
5 – Make sure everything is working, and then stop the servers (make sure to remember how to re-start them later)

Part 2: UniverseConfig Download
1 – Download the file from here (
2 – Place the “UniverseConfig” folder in the htdocs folder of the MAMP/XAMPP installation (htdocs is located in (assuming you installed XAMPP to C:\) C:\xampp\htdocs\, or for MAMP it is in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/)

Part 3: Editing the UniverseConfig info
1 – Inside the UniverseConfig folder, do to /UniverseConfig/UniverseConfig.svc/xml/ and locate the file “EnvironmentInfo”.
2 – Open this file with any text editor
3 – Look for the location in the file (possible use the search feature) for the XML tag “”. IF the LUNIServer is ran on the same machine as the XAMPP/MAMP server with the UniverseConfig folder, don’t change anything. Otherwise, change “” to point to the computer’s IP address of your server.
4 – Save the file.

Part 4: Edit HOSTS file
1 – Find your hosts file (“/private/etc/hosts” for Mac or “C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts” for PC)
2 – MAKE SURE TO BACK IT UP. (You don’t want to accidentally corrupt the file and remember that you forgot to back up the hosts file 🙂 )
3 – Copy the file to another folder (such as Document) and, using a text editor, add to the bottom of the file “” (This will redirect “” to localhost, which has the IP address of… Now, you may want to delete and re-add this at various times as LEGO still uses this site)
4 – Save the file, and replace the current hosts file with the edited version
5 – Restart the MAMP or XAMPP server

Part 5: Downloading the patcher
1 – Download the patcher from here: Mac Installer:, or Windows Installer
2 – Now, install the patcher and open LEGO (on Mac) or the LEGO Universe launcher (on Windows)
3 – Run the patcher and watch LU download!

Enjoy this tutorial! Please, ask any questions if you don’t understand anything!

PS: Currently, you can only run the LUNIServer on a PC, so technically to play on a Mac, you must also have a PC as well, so this tutorial should be very for those who want to easily download files on Windows, those who love patchers, and those who have a PC and a Mac that is much faster, so that they can use the PC to host the files

Update (Jon002)

Alright, I am complete with the full download option for the patcher (although there are a couple PK files that you have to download and place them in the /client/res/pack folder; you can download them here).

First, using the above tutorial, download the necessary files using the “During Play (Hi-speed) download option (found in the Settings of the patcher).

Next, after it is done downloading, download the missing PK files using the above link and copy them to your /client/res/pack folder. Overwrite the file (or skip it… it doesn’t matter. I accidentally included it with the ZIP file)
*** (Windows is usually located in C:\Program Files (x86)\LEGO Software\LEGO Universe\client\res\pack)
*** (Mac is usually located in /Applications/LEGO Software/LEGO Universe/client/res/pack… You can get to this by either pressing Cmd+Shift+”G” on your keyboard or right-clicking “LEGO” and clicking “Show Package Contents”)

Lastly, after steps 1 and 2 are done, open the Settings in the LEGO Universe patcher and change the download option to “Full Download”. Wait until it downloads and then click “Play”!

Hope this helps!

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