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Welcome to LEGO Universe Rebuild (LUR) by Alanzote. View his official website/forums


  1. Download the installer in the official LUR Website and execute it. ( There are no virus in the installer, you can make a virus scan if you wish )
  2. Execute the Shortcut now in your desktop. P.S.: Keep in mind, LUR Patcher requires Admin Privileges, you need to ALLWAYS open it as administrator. P.S.: If the patcher closes and a “Patch” window appears, YOU HAVE TO COMPLETE THE PATCH INSTALLATION.
  3. Wait for download to finish and click on the “Play!” button.

P.S.: LUR Is not a complete game, more features to be added.

LUR Patcher

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    • No problem 🙂 If you want anything changed, just ask.

    • THX alot TimTech like rlly 😀 i nver felt so alive

      • Thank Alanzote! This is his project, and I’m just providing hosting for him. This is actually just a mirror page for him to gain support and awareness for the project. I linked to his forums in the page itself, so why don’t you check them out?

    • Thank you so much. This game was my childhood and i want it back so much. I’m so happy you are doing this. I can’t thank you enough.

    • Hey how meny players are playing I learned about it from a youtube video and he does not show other players thanks for doing this I LOVE THIS GAME club pingiun should not have replaced this good luck downloading it now.

    • Can you make the game for mac pleaaaaaaaase 🙁

  1. how’s 4.0 coming?

  2. its laggy

  3. Updates on the patcher!
    You’ll have to download the new .zip or .exe ( installation ) file, you’ll have to overwrite old files, less “ver.txt”.

  4. So. I’ve never posted here before, wasn’t the plan either..
    But there are still some things that are questioning me.

    The ‘Lego Universe’ made by TimTech, is an exact copy of the old ‘Lego Universe’ (Nothing bad, just getting my mind straight) and he is trying to get the old ‘Lego Universe’ back up, fully working, like it used to before closing (;-;). Right?

    But then we have Alanzote’s AMAZING project! Rebuilding (literly) everything, with good graphics, newer system (I think?), new animations and such.

    And please, don’t get me wrong, TimTech and his crew are legends to get this thing up and running again, and Alanzote is a hero to build the game from bottom to top.

    But why separately..? I mean.. You both fight for the same thing, get a fully working ‘Lego Universe’ back on track. If you would combine (In some way, if it isn’t possible, tell me also) the 2 projects, you would get the old worlds (And maybe newer ones in the future?) + amazing graphics with new designed animations and such! But.. Why isn’t this the case..?

    I had this on my mind for a long time, and just couldn’t hold in anymore. (Dramatic, pam pam paaaam) I need them awnsers, I really do ;-;

    Oh, and by the way, I know Alanzote is using Unreal Engine, but what ’bout TimTech? Are u actually using ‘GameByro’? The engine that was used to create ‘Lego Universe’ by the ‘LEGO Group’?

    I think that was all.
    Ow, and maybe.. If you happen to find a guy who can edit image’s every now and then, I may know a guy?

    – SuperNinja

    • TimTech is not rebuilding Lego Universe using GameBryo engine, he is trying to make the Lego Universe server. ( So it isn’t an “Exact Copy” it is the original LU files, just with a diferente server )
      Why Separately? He is helping us! Without him, the upload of the patcher and the game files wouldn’t be possible!
      =) Nice To see that you liked what we’ve made!

    • Alanzote is right – we’re not competing in any way, because these projects are actually completely different. The goal of the LUNIServer is to support the original client without modifying it. Alanzote’s goal for LUR is to rebuild the entire game in UE4. I’m only providing a support page and hosting for Alanzote so his project can develop faster than it would if hosted somewhere else.

      Thanks for asking!

      • (Here may come a stupid question, just not quite clear for me) If TimTech has his server with the original LU files up and running and 100% fully working.. Whats the point of Alanzote continueing his project? Or is a server a server and a game 2 different things? But the server is not just a server, it contains a game. A playable game.

        And if you would like it, I would really want to help. Im very experienced with Photoshop programs. Also, I have a little experience with Blender, animation program. Oh, and video editing also, if needed.. (Really not trying to brag here, just wanna know if I’m usefull in anyway.)

        – SuperNinja

        • I see your point, but the thing is even though the original client is (100%?) working, the server is very far from complete, or even playable. It’s mainly just used to eplore the worlds right now. Those developing the LUNIServer aim to make LU close to the original, or at least interface with the original client. Alanzote’s project is different, and I’d say he’s making progress more rapidly due to the engine and no multiplayer needed yet. For the LUNIServer, mostly coding is needed, unless you want to make video tutorials and such. Otherwise, I’m sure you could help Alan in some way.

          • Wait, now I see! When LU closed, they closed the server, not the game a.k.a client!

            And maybe I could make some YouTube banners for you guys?
            And for Alanzote a new YT PF? Or for TimTech’s website a new header?

            – SuperNinja

          • I’d appreciate a site banner / YT banner if you’d like to make one.

          • Would love to make some banners! Is there anything, so we can keel in touch easily, like Skype?

          • I’m away from home and will be for a while, but I’m checking my e-mail daily (timothy [at symbol]

          • So am I, so I guess we’ll both be back at approximately the same time? Then it will be easier to keep contact.

  5. Quick question: Is this legal?

    • as long as we don’t charge for it ( wich will never happen )

      The LEGO® Group has not endorsed or authorized this project ‘LUR’. All files are under the General Public License, version 3, and are only for non-commercial basis.”

      • ^

        For LEGO purposes you should incorporate “The LEGO Group has not endorsed or authorized the operation of this game and is not liable for any safety issues in relation to the operation of this game.” into your legal disclaimer.

  6. Alanzote,

    have you got skype?

  7. We will be taking the next step in 0.4 Pre-Alpha – The Best Step Ever Seen… and it’s called: “CHARCTER CREATION”

  8. Sorry, this update will be delayed… I need to find a way to connect to the databse – Storages all Info about accounts and characters – but unfortunally, We’ve allready tried 3 different Plugins for UE4, in a hope it would work, NO EFFECT, and then we’ve tried compiling RakNet( yes, this was the last we would try, and guess… ), NO EFFECT, in Networking, UE4 isn’t good… But we will find a way to connect into MySQL Database. If someone find a “Multiplayer Network Engine” that works with UE4, please Reply to this comment!

    Lego Universe Rebuild Team

    • No rush; it sounds like you’re doing a very thorough job on implementing multiplayer connectivity. Hopefully you will find a UE4 plugin that works!

    • I have read that you must create your own blueprint/or a UE4 script for networking :

      • yes, that is the difficult part, but good news is that all networking part is allmost done! But Just Login and CharCreation will be using the server for a while, until the server is compiled, more maps are added and all networking part is done. Then we can start making it real Multiplayer.

        We Think that we need to make some kind of plugin for UE4 that executes JavaScript functions, with that we can execute PHP functions inside the JavaScript file and check if Username/Password are correct, even get the character from the database, but there is still no much progress on this.

  9. Just made this on my free time! ( I am not the one making the login thing, so I had some time to do this )

  10. Alanzote,
    Can you accept my friend request on steam?

    my name is ZxHakkUh

  11. When next update? I can’t wait for it!!! (Very good game but laggy)

  12. I think work on this project can be faster. And I think every project remaking lego universe or making single player servers can be faster.
    They don’t work too hard on it and they give up very fast.
    I know it’s not so easy but think about it. People can work harder, faster and don’t give up so soon. It will change everything. Luni server can have more better versions and this project can have more better updates.
    I think like that: Smaller updates, more updates. Make testing version with more but smaller updates. Full updates add to normal version. Players can test game in testing version and send bugs.
    Is that good idea?

    • yes, actually, all unstable LUNI versions I could not compile, so, no testing. LUR unstable versions are UNSTABLE that your computer may crash. Not just the game, the entire computer!

      • Are you testing that versions? And why it’s so unstable?
        I still think it’s better to make more smaller updates.

        • PS. If it will be year later my computer can make bluescreens on unstable versions. (Drivers, often bluescreens)

        • More smaller updates don’t make faster progress, and consider that each update takes up a little of my disk space and all those users updating every time there is an update will put unnecessary strain on the server…

  13. Earlier*

  14. We’ve created a site for lur, unfortunally, no FTP file transfer, but it helps when downloading and installing the game. Check it Out!

  15. What do you think about the new LUR banner/profile picture? See it in:

  16. Can you tell me when can be next update? Or just tell me about progress?

  17. I can’t tell when will v0.5 ( next version – jumped v0.4 ) be avaible but, 1 thing is certain… WE HAVE PROGRESS! MySQL Connection is Done and working! Just finishing char creation now!

  18. Hey Alanzote, I was wondering if you would like a website made like the website, but dedicated to you LU Rebuild. If you would like the website made, tell me what color scheme you would like and ill get started. 🙂

  19. What have to be in password i dont know how should be the pass it still write me : The password does not contain the required characters

  20. Alanzote, are you working with someone or you working alone?

  21. Is the game supposed to be a green field with laggy movements and 1st person view or do i have to download something additional

  22. THANK YOU SOO MUCH FOR THIS REBUILD!!!!!!! THIS IS STILL MY BEST GAME AFTER ALL! I can help you to develop this if you are developing in C# or Visual Basic (with desgin or something that you want).

  23. Dear All,
    due to technical difficulties on my Computer, the next update is delayed.

    –Looks like my Processor is overclocked! No idea how it happened.
    –Getting Constantly Blue Screens, everytime a different error.

    Sorry for the inconvenience, I hope my computer is fixed soon!


  24. When its finished will there be ninjago?

  25. Looks like that soon we will have the FULL LEGO UNIVERSE GAME, thanks to LUNI. this is the link to Flcon’s Nebula, LUNI server. It is not complete, but it is getting better and better!

  26. I’ve just updated the patcher! It’s better than ever!

    The .ZIP version will not be avaible anymore, feel free to make a virus scan on the installer.



    TimTech, can I make some updates on this? It’s really, really out of date.

  28. Hey timtech are the factions from the original LU gonna be the same?

  29. is there a guess of when 4.0 comes out?

  30. Hello, I came here to thank you for your amazing work. I’m confident you will continue doing a great job…. I’m sorry I don’t have much to offer but moral support so again thank you so much for reviving the most nostalgic game I know. Please continue doing the most amazing job ever! 😀

  31. Does the rebuild work on Macs? If not now, will it eventually?

  32. i click on finish but nothing happend pls help

  33. Where am I? Wait, THIS IS MY CHILDHOOD!! Thank you guys so much, I don’t care how broken it is, how incomplete it is, I’m just so happy that I can actually play Lego Universe once more.

  34. Sorry guys, This game was cancelled, for more information, please visit

    It’s sad to say. ;(

    ( I tried logging in, however, when I exit admin smth page to visit site, I am logged out )

    • Hello I have been on here from time to time and followed this project and I loved the fact it was coming back so I would appreciate that I can have some clarity and know as to why it was shut down, if there is anyway this project can be revived or saved I could try help as I am currently studding computer science I just hope that the project will resume and these messages stay active

  35. What about COOLGAMETUBE he’s just posted some videos about lego universe

    • You are commenting on the page for Alanzote’s “LEGO Universe Rebuild” project. This is different from the official LEGO Universe, which closed in January 2012. If you want to play with the official LEGO Universe client, you should visit

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