Minecraft 1.8 Duplication Glitch [Multiplayer Only]

This glitch relies on CheatBlocker. If you do not have it already, you can download it here. This glitch works on multiplayer only.


  1. If the server utilizes CheatBlocker, obtain the item you want to duplicate.
  2. Press the F3 and H keys at the same time to enable item ID info.
  3. Mouse over the item you want to duplicate, and remember the ID number.
  4. Type in the chat this command: .exe give (your name) (item ID) 1 0 {display:{Name:CheatBlocker}}
  5. You should now have successfully duplicated the item. Note that certain types of wood/flowers/wool/glass may change colors, and enchantments will be lost.
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  1. What would the exact command be If I wanted to duplicate a diamond block 264 and my name is Obi_Will_Kenobi. I don’t know If I entered in the command wrong, but it just said do /help for help

    • .exe give Obi_Will_Kenobi 264 9

      That will give you enough diamonds for a diamond block. Make sure CheatBlocking is active server-side or else this will not work.

  2. GoldenGangStarAB February 8, 2015 @ 7:28 PM

    what does being active server-side mean. Also wat command would i put if i had 7 diamonds, 0264, and my name is GoldenGangStarAB

  3. how do u put it as a plugin for the server

  4. How do you know if the server side is using CheatBlocker?

    • If it’s there, you can use the commands like .opme

      • cant u do / not . ?

        • No, and here’s why: Anything that starts with a forward slash (/) gets interpreted as a command by the server. Thus, it would result in something like “command not found” and the CheatBlocker plugin would never see them. Thus, the CheatBlocker commands have to start with a character other than / but not something that you would usually start your sentence with. Thus, the period (.) is a logical option.

  5. TheGamerGuy500 April 20, 2015 @ 1:48 PM

    Why would a cheatblocker plugin allow for someone to do a give or opme command…?

  6. So as many know we want to dupe items. If some could please improve this method that I would but need to be fixed. What you want to do is get and anvil. (This only works with stackable items, also in creative and survival) You get any stackable item and split them. Them you shift click the first one, then the second. Boom a item with no value. Then you shift click the whole item in the anvil and shelf click it out. The item with no value becomes the same value as the original item. But when you done the items disappear and you keep you original items. If you go to far the items disappear.

  7. una pregunta si quiero 30 manzanas de oro de las de noch como pongo 😀

  8. It doesn’t work for me, and how do I cjeck if it has cheatblocker?

  9. How to download this and how to install?

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