Minecraft Hacked Client not showing up in versions [Fix]

If you installed a hacked client or mod and it will not show up in the Minecraft launcher, hopefully the steps below will solve your problem. Let me know in the comments if it still won’t work for you so I can (hopefully) resolve the problem.

1. Your clients are stored in the %appdata%\.minecraft\versions folder.
2. To get to this folder on Windows XP/Vista/7 open the start menu, select "Run" and enter %appdata%. Navigate to .minecraft > versions to get to your clients.
3. Alternatively, to get to this folder on Windows 7, 8, or 10, open the search menu (which is part of the start menu in Windows 7) and enter %appdata% in the search bar. Click on Roaming and navigate to .minecraft > versions.
4. Make sure your client folder has a unique name (don't name it 1.7.10 or the name of another client).
5. Your client folder will contain two files, a .jar and a .json. They all need to have the same name. For example, if you are installing WeepCraft, your folder would be named WeepCraft, and it would contain WeepCraft.jar and WeepCraft.json.
6. Once you've made sure of these settings, close and re-open your Minecraft Launcher.
7. Search through your versions list in the launcher profile; it could be further down in the list than you might expect.
8. If it's still not there, go back to your versions folder. Open up the folder that contains the .jar and the .json of the client.
9. Open the .json (for example, WeepCraft.json) file with a plain-text editor. This would mean Notepad, Notepad++, Text Editor, etc. depending on your Operating System.
10. Look for a line starting with "type".
11. If it isn't "type": "release" (it could be "type": "snapshot", for example), change it to "type": "release". Make sure the quotation marks are straight; curly ones (for example, “type”: “release”) won't work.
12. Look for a line starting with "id".
13. Make sure to set it so "id": "name" where name is the same as the name of the folder and its files (for example, "id": "WeepCraft"). Check carefully for capitalization and spelling mistakes. Again, make sure the quotation marks are straight and not curly, because “id”: “WeepCraft” won't work.
14. Once you've made sure of these settings, close and re-open your Minecraft Launcher.
15. Search through your versions list in the launcher profile again, the release (for example, release WeepCraft) could be further down in the list than you might expect.
16. If these settings still don't work, note that some cracked launchers don't support modded clients. If you're not cracked, I can still help you - just leave a comment below.
17. Or, try a different hacked client (I recommend Impact) and see if it works.
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  1. Yo man, I’ve done all the (censored) above but it still doesn’t come up in the version list. I’ve read through all the comments and tried the fixes you’ve given people, but me myself, I haven’t had no luck.

  2. doesn’t work/Users/melchi/Library/Application Support/minecraft/versions/1.10.x wurst hacked client

  3. The site admin 🙂

  4. i download impact and its there but every time i try to run the launcher it does nothing. it doesn’t even crash. i just press the play button and nothing happens. pls help!

  5. I can find and run it but i have a problem that i launch it and it says”Nodus” at the top and “pick a version” then has nothing else there if you could please help it would be much apreciated.

    • Sorry, the old Nodus launcher cannot find any versions. I didn’t make it, so I can’t fix it. Since the Nodus launcher’s failure, I try to only upload clients that don’t need a launcher to download individual versions.

  6. I try to download these hacking clients, but everytime id doesn’t work. There is no possible way to edit the text, but I tried 3 times with different hacks.

  7. Hey man, I wanna use Impact for 1.10, I’ve used it on my old computer, then I got a new one, and I used it there, and all of a sudden it won’t pop up, all started when I was playing using a Mod Pack from Curse, plz help me. I don’t use Impact for bad and want to be able to use it again!!

  8. I’m using 1.10 Impact and When I’m opening the launcher and trying to run the client, it says nothing and won’t open the game it self.
    I’m pressing “Play” the blue bar is loading, and nothing happened after it loads full.

  9. I have tryd much hacks but no-one comes in the version list

  10. Hey ! Nowadays these hacks wont show up in my version list in minecraft list. Only Wurst which I dont like. Today I downloaded Huzuni for 1.10 and Wolfram for 1.10 . Both wont show. Only Wurst 1.10 that I got couple weeks ago. SO… as I have all minecraft stuff in there in .minecraft folder, I decided to delete whole folder. after launching minecraft launcher all the unseen hacked clients now is showing in the list of releases.

    • Lol, nice troll. Obviously, deleting your .minecraft folder would remove Minecraft from your computer. But nice try 🙂

      • I got everything and it deos show up but when i launch it says Could not find main class: net.minecraft.client.main.Main. progan will exit, what to do?

        • It sounds like you are having some kind of data problem. Make sure you are connected to an unrestricted Internet source, or try re-downloading the client.

  11. I’ve downloaded impact, but it dosent show up in the versions list and i’ve tried all the steps u told me to do above. However, i downloaded a cracked launcher, just for tested and i can see impact on its version list. Please help!

  12. I have tried all of the steps above but it wont show up im using Reflex

  13. Impact 3.0 worked 1 time for me. When I loaded it up the next day, the launcher crashed and I got this…
    Completely ignored arguments: [–nativeLauncherVersion, 307]
    Exception in thread “Client thread”
    Any ideas?

  14. itt still dosent pop up in versions i had to change nothing in notepad HELP

  15. can you help me?
    I have done everything that you told us to do, it is all there, the quotation marks and the names are all correct in the .json file, so i dont know what is going on, i tried everything but it still doesnt appear in the launcher even when i have 2 hack clients in the versions folder… arghh so frustrating! plz help!

  16. Try reistalling it if ur using skillclient 1.10


    • If absolutely all of your clients will not show up, you are probably making a mistake somewhere in the process. I would recommend trying a different launcher, like Magic Launcher, instead.

  18. hey admin can u help me out ? in my launcher it says that my javaversion is wrong >…i use a cracked version soooo…if i dont use a cracked version it willll not work help me out as soon as possibe

    • You should update to the latest version of Java from Java.com. Also, hacked clients can have problems with cracked launchers — maybe try a client that is able to use MCLeaks alt tokens.


    • If absolutely all of your clients will not show up, you are probably making a mistake somewhere in the process. I would recommend trying a different launcher, like Magic Launcher, instead.

  20. Umm the natives folder isn’t downloaded, for this hacked client, it needs a natives folder, and it isnt downloading. any tips?

    • The launcher looks to Mojang’s servers for files it is missing. Chances are your hacked client was missing the natives folder, and the launcher turned to Mojang, which obviously wouldn’t have the files that your hacked client needs. I would either try re-downloading the client or contacting the author of the client to resolve your problem.

  21. My wurst hacked client wont load?

  22. I tried to download impact from the link in the article but its outdated and so i downloaded the 1.11.2 version and changed like you said but it wont show

  23. I am on mac and i have tried all that you have said however the mod I am using (Reflex) and any other mod I try does not show up on the launcher please help ASAP.

    • Sorry, but I’m not very familiar with Mac. If you tried the steps above and your client is still not appearing, I don’t know how to help you. Try both a different client and a different launcher (such as Magic Launcher) to narrow down the problem.

  24. Sans the Skeleton March 5, 2017 @ 1:21 AM

    I’m trying to install SkillClient but when I put the folder into the \versions of my .minecraft folder, it doesn’t show up in the launcher. Someone help?

  25. I have tried multiple hacked clients but the version won’t show up. I use one that uses forge but it isn’t good.

  26. I still can’t find it, i am using a mac, newest minecraft launcher


  28. I’m trying to use wurst but it’s giving java error has occurred

  29. i tried what u asked to do put simply putting it in doesnt show up in my minecraft versions list pls help me

  30. fre_sha_vacado April 11, 2017 @ 8:49 PM

    When i run wolfram it runs perfectly fine but when it goes to the thing where it is supposed to says multiplayer and stuff it just says download the new update and i don’t wanna, but it is the only thing i can press. when i click on the update thing it brings me to a website and it wont ever load. Sorry if this is too long but PLZ HELP ME.

    • I’m sorry to hear you’re having problems with the wolfram client. It seems like you’re able to boot into your client fine, but this specific one is having problems. This means you need to either update it manually to the latest version (or an older, more stable one) or switch to a different client altogether.

  31. Hey can you help me? I just put Wurst hacked client on the Version folder at %appdata%, but still when i launch Minecraft the Wurst client doesn’t showed up.. I even followed your instructions but still it wont show up..
    🙁 Please help me, thanks..

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